who do you want at the dinner table so to speak for your last 6.2 miles?

Today's TIART topic is: if you could run the last six miles of a marathon with any six people (dead or alive), who would you pick? And you get a seventh addition for your last .2 mi!

Mile 20- Beyonce (bc she's awesome and could sing us along through that mile)
Mile 21- Obama (I could pick his brain and forget about the pain I'm going through)
Mile 22- editor of Glamour, Runner's World or Women's Health (do some networking on the run! I'd love to work for them one day!)
Mile 23- Kathrine Switzer (first woman to run Boston by sneaking in as a man - gotta love that kind of determination!)
Mile 24- Trials (bc she and I need to meet and then she can meet Kara during the hand off btwn the miles)
Mile 25- Kara Goucher (i'd need her strength and awesome running legs to keep me running along that last full mile)
Mile 26-26.2- My friend K Ware (bc she's a bit faster than me and we're both competitive so I know she would force me to do a full out sprint to the finish line)

Okay, your turn...who would you pick? It's kind of fun!


Morgan said…
All great picks! Especially Kara! Love her!
Laura said…
Oooh, I LOVE this topic! I just may have to get back into TIART :)
Hey thanks for participating!! I also picked a magazine writer!!!
Lacey Nicole said…
beyonce!!! i almost picked a singer, too!!! hehehe sometimes i really love beyonce.

i totally love K.V. switzer but she got beat by the others on my list. marathon woman is one of my all time fave running books.
Teamarcia said…
Good picks! No celebs for me. I think I'd hyperventilate.
I would want to run with all my running blogging friends!!
OMG I made the list!!! that means we're doing a FULL together - haha! Awww, Love this Sass :) :)

Kara has to be on there obvi. And Beyonce?! ha, that cracked me up aaaand I totally agree. I think I'd make her bust out some classics ;)

BTW - Seattle R&R in June?! Interested???

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