wearing white after labor day

I'm not so sure I agree with the fashion rule and yet, I still (for the most part) follow the rule of not wearing these bright white crops after Labor Day. Well, not too far past labor day anyway. I figure, it's still sunny out and this is just one of those outfits that makes me feel good.

top-recent Goodwill purchase
cropped city fit pants-JCrew
sandals-Nine West

Wearing white is always a tricky task for me. I have to make sure not to spill anything on it (or wipe my tinted moisturizer makeup on it-ahem) and that I don't sit on any kind of bench without putting something underneath me. Other than a little bit of makeup, these pants survived another day of wear!


I don't follow the 'white after labor day' rule like I used to since Winter White is such a huge trend. if they are selling winter white pants in a store, that must mean that it's ok to wear them? That is what i tell myself!
Anonymous said…
I'm wearing white crops today too!! ha, love it. I don't follow that rule at all - I just go with "is it still warm? will these look cute with my outfit?" etc.

I totally wore white shorts today!

Those pants are cute!!

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