A sunny disposition for a sunny Fri!

I woke up to sun, hit the Biggest Loser Workout video for a quick 15 minute sweat session and went for a quick jog with the dog. Then it was grabbing the goods for lunch (left over piece of pizza and a caesar salad) and some fruit before heading out the door for my third day of bike commuting this week. Hey hey!

The man works in the bike industry and wanted me to do the 2009 Bike Commute Challenge and since I've already been riding to work a few times a week, I figured why not track it and try to ride a bit more?! So, I've been riding three days a week for the past few weeks and it feels great to start and end the day with a nice heart pumping 5.5 miles each way. In the mornings, clipping into those pedals and making my way through the crisp air is so refreshing and helps wake me up and in the evenings, it's an easy way to unwind from a day sitting in front of my computer and avoid sitting in traffic.

Anyone else bike commuting, walking or taking public transport to work? While it does take a bit of extra planning (making sure i have all my work clothes, lunch, etc in a tiny backpack) and takes about 30 min vs my 15 min car commute, it's worth it. And you can't beat the health benefits!

Are you doing any crazy workouts these days to get the furnace really burning or just to challenge your bod? I've been mixing it up around here with trail runs, hills, videos, running, biking, etc. Let me take you back to Wednesday and the semi-crazy workout.

I rode to and from work (11 miles) then came home and put on the running clothes for a nice 30 min (had to take the dog bc she was so excited), came home dripping and put the bike clothes, shoes, helmet back on and went out to pick up some produce from the local farmers market, dropped it off and headed out for a nice 10 miles. Then got home and BACK into my running clothes for another 10 minutes. WHY? I'm not really sure. I guess I just wanted to see how the legs would do alternating back and forth. Plus, I'm entertaining the idea of doing a duathalon next month so I wanted to see what I might be in for.

How was it? Not bad! Thursday morning I was a bit sore and worried because we know what Thursdays are...SPEED! Yikes. Yeah, so speed wasn't exaaactly what my legs were feeling, but I went for it.

2 mile warmup, 2 miles tempo (1st mile: 7:41 min, second 8:00 min), 1 mile of 200's with 1 min rest in between, 2 mile cool down. The legs were definitely done after that, but I was glad I did it.

Tonight, I'm excited for (maybe a little workout) homemade chicken nachos and then a concert with the man. I bought him tix to an older band (Crosby, Stills & Nash) for his birthday a few months ago. I'd never heard of them before I started dating him. But I figure it will be a nice evening at a gorgeous outdoor venue and a few glasses of wine will suit me juuuust fine.

As for the rest of the weekend, I'm still debating going to the first home football game of the season with the man, a 10k with a friend 2 hrs away, a delicious breakfast and more. What about you? Do you solidify weekend plans in advance or are you wavering back and forth like me until the last minute? As much as I like plans, I also have a hard time choosing between two things I realllllly want to do.


I'm a plan in advance type. I rarely am deciding plans a day or so before. I try to be more spontaneous/flexible, but it doesn't come naturally for me!

I'm doing a 5k tomorrow. Haven't ran a 5k in a very long time so it should be fun. I'm training for a 1/2 at the end of October so it will be fun to do this race to get back into a racing mode!

Have a great weekend!!
Sassy Molassy said…
Nice work Lisa! 5ks are short, but fun. I always find I'm thinking daaang this is fast. I prefer longer races, but once in a while I'll throw in a 1/2 just for fun.
Sassy Molassy said…
er, i meant "throw in a 5k just for fun"
I would totally bike to school except it's ALL downhill on the way there and a VERY steep incline on the way back. I do take public transportation a lot though, and one day when I live in a flatter town, I plan on breaking out the bike more often. I used to use it a lot in FSJ.

My weekend plans are kind of up in the air right now too. I usually like to plan in advance, though!

Have a fun weekend, that concert sounds like the perfect night!
sneakersister said…
LOL - Now I'm feeling really old. Never heard of CSN? How did you like the concert? Classic stuff!

Great job on the brick and tempo run.

No, I don't waver on my plans. Usually my wavering leads to not doing something. Whatever you decide, I know you'll have fun.
Sassy Molassy said…
Yes, Crosby, Stills and Nash was fun. A packed house and a slower pace than many concerts, but good music and the boyfriend enjoyed it thoroughly.

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