Michelle Obama Arms

Want to know something silly? My arms, they hurt to lift over my head. Why you ask? Because of those silly little Biggest Loser Workouts with Bob that I did this weekend. Those ones I told my boyfriend were kind of easy compared to Jillian's. Yeah, changing it up once in a while is NOT a bad idea. It reminds those little muscles you've been ignoring that they still have reason to exist. Man alive they're sore!

And last night, we made EASY dinner by popping a Trader Joe's mojito salmon pack in the oven for 40 minutes and reheated some brown rice and broccoli. That's what I'm talking about. Healthy, stress free and delish! Afterward, the man wanted to make cookies. So I let him. Two sticks of butta and all. I had one cookie because two sticks of butta is so beyond my comprehension. Ugh.

And yesterday, I found out that a coworker is leaving and her last day is next Tuesday. She's worked here almost as long as I have (3.5 yrs) and has found a better opportunity with more money, growth and a new environment. I'm jealous. I realized that I've not only let my own fears about my abilities hold me back, but have used the excuse that I just have to hang tight with the economy being as it is. Coworker however, believed there was something out there for her that she deserved and went after it.

That along with a few other things proved to me that waiting is not always the answer. I decide what happens to my future and taking a step in some direction is not a bad thing. So I'm going to start doing some research on some careers I'm interested in, seek out freelance opportunities and make it happen. If I want to have a little extra cash in my pocket and another job on my resume, who says I can't? I've been holding myself back and there's no excuse for that.

It's Wednesday, so let's get this week a movin' because Friday is calling my name! Anyone else holding back and ready to bust free? There's no time like the present.

And did anyone else see the Michelle Obama arms segment on the Today show yest morning? When my fall gym membership renews, I know what workouts I'm doing! Tricep pull downs on the lat machine, mountain climbers and hammer curls.


Anonymous said…
ah, I miss those BL workouts with Bob & Jillian!! Not having a TV in my room is kind of a barrier to that. I guess I could look them up online? Hmm....

your dinner sounds a-maaazing. YUM.

START LOOKIN'! there are a Lot of jobs out there to be searched and explored.... :)
Sassy Molassy said…
Trials-I actually rented my latest workout videos (Biggest Loser and a yoga dvd) from the public library. Gotta love FREE!
KGreg said…
Good luck with the job search! I've noticed that I've really been throwing myself into professional development groups because I feel like I'm "stuck" at my current job by a variety of circumstances. But you're totally right, there's no reason not to make your own opportunities and go after what you really want.

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