friday at LAAAAST!

So, Friday, here you are! Soooo nice to see you again! Last night I was dreading my run. I was exhausted and not sure my body would cooperate with running hills. But using my own motivation tactic, getting there was the key and the rest was history!

I did a 15 min warm up + 5 min walking with a few gradual hills thrown in there. Then I did eight of our big hills (takes me about 2 min to get to the top for me) for our assigned workout. I don't always like waiting until six for the workout to start so sometimes I'm a cheater and get going on my own. Oops! :)

I figure I'll be one of the slowest ones (if not the slowest one) on the hills so why not start 20 min earlier when I arrive? After everyone was finished with the long hills (and so were our legs), we did 6x10 sec hard sprints up the hill. Good stuff! I jogged back to my car for an easy 10 min cool and headed off to Trader Joe's to pick up some supplies for a quick and healthy DIY pizza.

Anyone else in LOVE with the TJ's garlic & herb pizza dough? YUM. I topped it with sauce, a little cracked pepper and red pepper flakes, mushrooms, tomatoes, red onions, green peppers, mozzarella and parmesean. We paired it with a Bud Light Lime. Not a bad combo in my book!

And now I'm passing on some blogger love. Carrots n Cake is one of my more recent adds to the blog roll. Another great blog that includes healthy food and running posts that catch my fancy. Go check out Carrots n Cake's guest post by Dori who went a little overboard with her spinning routine and now realizes she's all the better for taking time off the bike.

Here's what I had to say about the post...Loved this post. It’s so true that sometimes we get sucked into believing we must do X workout for XX minutes in order to burn XXX calories and remain at XXX desired weight. When in reality, we can make lifestyle changes that help us for the better both mentally and physically. Who knows, maybe you were getting more rest/sleep and relaxation that your body didn’t need to hang on to those few extra pounds. Crazy stuff.

On another note, I'm nearly giddy that tomorrow will be spent at my college football stadium tailgating with the man and friends and watching some football. I do love putting on my sweatshirt and jeans and getting all Ducked out for the game. The last few falls I spent many early mornings taking a LONG run by the early morning tailgaters to say hi as they pound their PBR's and I work my rear off. I just love all the people watching and fun atmosphere! Are you headed to a big game this weekend?


ha, "ducked out" nice!! ;)

It has been wayyyy too long since I've done the DIY pizza - that just triggered a serious craving!
I'm doing some DIY pizza tonight! Can't wait!

Enjoy your weekend!

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