Well hello there sleep.

Where did you go? Last night we just weren't friends. 3:15 does not sound like an ideal time to wake up. Perhaps I was channeling Tera Moody's inability to sleep every night. GAH. Can't.even.imagine.

Anywho, last night after racing home and pulling on some spandex, the man and I headed out in the 100 deg heat for a nice little hilly group ride. As a beginner at anything you are humbled by that which you are not. I am not fast, or strong on hills, or gutsy enough to fly down the winding declines without breaking. And so the group ride quickly becomes much more of a solo affair.

One in which I'm totally okay with because really, it's just the opportunity to get out there, do the hills and see the country side. I'm a little ashamed when I pull up to a stop sign where the group has chosen to wait for stragglers. Final straggler=me. I wish they'd keep on riding, but as groups do, they protect each other, somewhat.

Last night I took the middle distance of the three routes and I was the only one. That was just fine by me. I know the area enough to figure out how to get home, but not so much that I could explain to a friend how to find me if say I crashed/sliced a tire and couldn't fix it. Alas, I pedaled home trying to beat the sunset and almost succeeded.

Manfriend arrived shortly after, doing the longer route, about 5-7 miles longer, as I made chicken burritos for dinner.He said one of the guys on the longer route hit a deer and crashed and then a woman behind him hit him as he got back up on the bike. Everyone was ok, but still. I almost took the long route. I'm kind of glad I'm slow and didn't have the guts to do another five miles of hills last night.

Now back to chicken burritos. Men are funny. Men will buy spinach wraps bc they think you'll like them bc they're healthy. You will then look at said label which declares each wrap 210 cals and declare no, not so healthy, that you usually go for the Low-Carb/Low-cal whole wheat version. Men will ask if you have sour cream to which you'll reply no and to which they'll ask for yogurt (i've been known to use nf plain yogurt instead of sour cream). When you reply no, they'll ask "what about peach or cherry vanilla?" to which you'll reply "um, i don't think those sound good on a burrito." To which they'll decide on cherry and you'll eat a burrito that tastes slightly like birthday cake.

FAIL=birthday cake flavored burritos and reading your August Runner's World at 330AM when you can't sleep.

I rode the bike to work today in an attempt to snap me out of this coma, but so far it hasn't done a whole lot. Maybe it's time for a little caffeine...


Danielle said…
Can't believe P lopped flavored yogurt on a burrito! Yuck! Hope you catch a nap later today--sorry I missed the ride yesterday.
I feel ya. I had a TERRIBLE sleep last night too!

I can't believe someone hit a deer on their bike!! That is craziness!!
I read that article in RW - I can not imagine what it is like to struggle w/ that every. single. night. Poor girl!

About once a week, I either can't fall asleep until like 2, or I wake up way earlier than I need to & can't fall back asleep, and sometimes both. I need to buy some Tynenol PM for nights like that. I know it's not good to medicate, but I can't function on such little sleep!
Anonymous said…
I wake up randomly during the night sometimes too. much more often recently - stress with jobs and stuff I guess? This week has been Much better, which is nice since I actually NEED to be awake during the day ;)

yogurt on a burrito?! the New Mexican in me is shocked. Ewwww.
TayLor said…
I want more info on this deer v. bicyclist collision! That is way too crazy for me to comprehend!
Saw your comment about wanting to read the book before seeing the movie. That would be ideal, but you could see the movie & still enjoy reading the book afterwards. They only had time to cover some of the material from the book so there would still be plenty of new things to read about!

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