A weekend recap that just might make you tired

Whew, am I exhausted. Friday, we hit the road for our camping extravaganza a little after 5 PM. We headed out of town about an hour to this gorgeous lake I've never been to (or even knew existed) and found a spot about 20 miles from the lake entrance by 630PM along a little river. We set up camp, and enjoyed dinner and a few beers next to the campfire. I bought the turkey/cranberry wraps from Costco-highly recommended for taste and such a perfect on the go meal/snack!

The Lake!

Saturday, we woke up and started our big breakfast of whole grain pancakes, eggs and hash browns. Even though you're camping, you can't slack on the eats! A few hours later, we drove up the road a few miles and parked near a trail for a bit of a hike. It turned out to be a pretty hilly hike and warm. The man wasn't quite used to all the huffing and puffing (bc cycling is less of a cardio workout than running) so I was setting the pace for most of the hike. We went for about 2 hrs, took a break for an apple, peanuts and water and headed back down. On our way, we could hear some mountain bikers coming down the trail so we moved aside as about 10 riders came barreling through with full on knee, leg and elbow pads. Guess what sport the manfriend wants to try next??

The view near the top of our hike!

After 3 hrs of hiking (8-10 miles we're guessing), we went back to camp for a few more turkey wraps and a dip of the toes in the river. Then it was to town for more wood. Later that afternoon we headed out for a bike ride, which felt insanely hard after working those glutes so hard that morning. After just two miles of riding I couldn't shake the thoughts of "This hurts. I can't make it. We should turn around now." But I didn't say a word and just put the bike into an easy gear and pushed on. After 13 miles out and several decent hills, we finally turned around for a fast decent back to camp. Needless to say, the legs were dead and it was time for dinner after such an exercise filled day.

On the menu was: turkey burgers w/ pepper jack cheese and a slice of sweet onion on top and Sweet Onion Kettle Chips on the side. MMM. For dessert: S'mores!

Turkey burgers (w/spinach, avacado, red pepper, mustard, ketchup, cheese and onion)!

Sunday, we woke up a bit stiff and chilly. The man started the fire and I started on day 2 of the epic camping breakfast. Then we decided to pack it up and head home to get a little more rest and organization in before the weekend's end. After several hours of cleaning the garage and back covered porch, the man had successfully put things into order, I had helped unpack, taken a decent load to Goodwill/donation, went on an hour run in the sun (bc I had to for this weekend's Hood to Coast relay!) and then an 1.5 hr bike ride. Whew.

It was no surprise then that this morning I woke up feeling like "UGH. SERIOUSLY?! How can it be THAT time already?" But now that I got him out camping, I think we may just venture off once more before the summer is over. Yippee! Anyone else have an exhaustingly fun OR just plain relaxing weekend?


Haha - I know the feeling. Camping can be EXHAUSTING! Sleeping on the ground, hiking etc. etc. Sometimes I come back from camping more exhausted than rested!

It does sound like a REALLY fun weekend, though!!
Sounds fun! My weekend was pretty uneventful - a couple of dinners out with friends & that's about it. I also have a bunch of stuff that I need to drop off at goodwill. I just need to find the motivation to carry the boxes out of my condo and down to my car!
Anonymous said…
Stumbled across your blog. Sounds like you had a great weekend workout!
Thanks for posting the picture of the mountains. I'm using it for my desktop background.

Happy Running
ha Whoa those legs are in shape!! Gorgeous pictures - I can't imagine biking HILLS after a hike like that. good thing you had some tasty food to keep ya goin ;)
Shoshanah said…
All the pictures look gorgeous! I have to say I'm at least a tiny bit jealous of your trip

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