A long run in which I encountered two things...

(that I found remotely interesting enough to share).

1. On Sunday, I found myself run run running along thinking "hey, why am I running on the right side of the road in the bike lane??" Oh yeah, I thought I was a freaking cyclist! Wrong sport, sass. Cross the street and hop onto the sidewalk!

2. I decided to do 90 min (approx 10+ miles) with hills smack in the middle to give me some hard stuff after I was already a bit fatigued. Well, on my way to the top of a long gradual hill, I encountered a deer. It stopped and stared. I kept running up the incline thinking "ok, deer...move on. Shoo shoo!" The deer didn't run along and in fact started running toward me. So, I did an immediate U turn and went on my merry way taking the long route to the bottom of the hill to get the rest of my incline work in. (I checked over my shoulder to make sure the thing wasn't running after me.)

Just a reminder that we have to be somewhat aware when you're taking it to the streets (and the trail for that matter). Keep your eyes and ears open and pay attention!


Nicole said…
thanks for stopping by my blog- and thanks for the advice. i was considering this too- even if i did 21 thats still only 5 more miles instead of 6. i guess i'll just play with it and see how i feel! :)

great run by the way :)
OMG a Deer ?! oooh Sass, careful out there!! geeeze
reederscorner said…
I'm glad to hear that you didn't get attacked by deer!
KGreg said…
Wow, that makes me feel like a wimp -- I was out for a walk during geese season here and I turned around when a flock of geese was in the road. (I've had a bad, hissing, wing-spread experience with a certain goose.) But a deer? I would have made a serious U-turn for sure. :)
Once we ran smack dab into a MOOSE and her CALF! They were only about 15 feet away from us. It was the scariest thing ever; we immediately turned and SPRINTED the other way!

Now-a-days animals just aren't as scared of people as they used to be. It's not a good thing!
sneakersister said…
I encounter deer from time to time as well. It's always so neat to see them but you have to chase them away, they can be dangerous. Can you just imagine being attacked by one?

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