Getting Caught up on Take It and Run Thursdays

Truth is, I kind of forgot about Take it and Run Thursday's and how much I enjoy the opportunity to respond to a specific running related question!

Last week's topic was: When did you know you were a runner?

When I saw Heather's post on this I thought "Dang! How could I have forgotten TiaRT's?! Such a good topic!"

I remember the first day I embarked on running. I mean sure, I had to run during soccer, volleyball, etc before then, but it wasn't until the summer after sixth grade when one night I decided I was fat and needed to lose some weight. So I went down to the school's cinder track about 1/4 mile from my house and started jogging. I remember being able to job 4-6 laps without stopping and being proud of that and running home. My lungs screamed, every ounce of fat jiggled and my legs wanted to give up, but I made it. From that day on my internal mantra was "Yes, this hurts like hell, but it will get better. Just keep it up." And I did.

But it wasn't until I joined the long distance track team in high school that I felt like a runner. Sure at my 8-8:30 pace I was still cranking out a pedestrian pace, but we were running hilly, muddy trails (I was even getting lost in the woods once in a while), finishing workouts called "gallaxies" because the loop was so huge, and doing sprint workouts that nearly made us puke. It was the time in high school when I'd finish a track meet and then opt to run from home to my gym to do some weight lifting and then run home because my legs were happy to carry me a few more miles after a hard workout.

And I didn't truly feel like a "racer," even though I raced in high school, until I did my first full marathon. In high school I always had that idea that oh well, I'm going to be last or damn close to it. But finishing that half marathon and then completing the full (after I never in my wildest dreams thought I could run such a distance), I realized that this running thing had gotten a little addictive and I loved the atmosphere of the race. It's not about winning, for me anyway. It's about getting out there and leaving all I have to give on that particular day, on the pavement. It's about the mental fight to not stop running and the sprint to the finishing chute. It's about not puking on the volunteers who are so kindly removing the timing chip from your foot and putting a medal around your neck. From athlete to runner to racer, it's been quite the journey and I know there's so much still ahead.

So, if you missed last week's topic, when did YOU know you were a runner?

This week's topic: It's the morning of your LONG run. What do you eat?

Well, I'll tell you! I learned early on from marathon books and word of mouth from other runners that anything with acidity, oil, spice, and for some even dairy, is not a good idea on the morning of a big race or long run. My breakfast of choice is usually a piece of whole wheat toast topped with almond/peanut butter, a little cinnamon and a sliced banana. On the side I might have a small glass of milk and some water. If I don't have that, option b) is oatmeal with blueberries and a splash of milk mixed in.

Why these two choices? They both have protein and fill me up so they're gonna stick with me for a long time. And if I were to have just a bowl of cereal and milk sometimes that doesn't sit as well in the tum tum. Some people also have to be careful of fiber intake before long runs, but it's usually just fine by my bod.

What's your go to power breakfast? Want to know what I'll be eating this weekend during our 24 hr Hood to Coast relay? I've planning on peanut butter pretzels (protein/carbs/sodium), Cool Mint Clif Bar (mmm!), some of Jerry's mother's cookies (teammate whose mother bakes both vans several batches of delicious cookies-halleluiah!), a banana/apple, and probably a hefty amount of water and a bit of Gatorade. There's not too much time to digest a real meal between the three legs so it's all about fueling the bod with things that are easy, but pack a punch, and sit well with the stomach.


didn't know you were doing hood-to-coast! GOOD LUCK!! How long are your runs??

Thanks for the shout-out, I had kind of forgotten about TIART too, now it's back! Spaced it this morning though, ha. dangit!

I can't do bananas or oatmeal before runs - which is sad because BOTH of the options you listed sound SO good!
Sassy Molassy said…
Trials-My legs on H2C are : 4.39 EASY

4.18 mi EASY

7.28 HARD

Not looking forward to the Hard, especially being my third leg, but after those first two "EASY" ones, I should be just fine.
I ALWAYS have a banana with peanut butter or a banana, peanut butter and toast before my long runs!! Depends how long it is!

I knew I was a runner the minute I crossed my first half-marathon finish line.

I knew I was a runner when I found myself and my body literally CRAVING a run!
I knew I was a runner when I trained & finished my first marathon. I took a hiatus from the sport when I was in grad school, but I am back at it and loving it more than ever!

I haven't had to do long runs yet in my training schedule, but when they start, I will probably go with some brown rice with a little milk. Random I know, but I can only have gluten free oatmeal and it's so expensive so I do a little brown rice instead and it's actually delicious!

Good luck w/ the relay this weekend! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

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