Getting creative

Last night while the running group was doing their killer Thursday night workout, I was speed walking my way through the hills near my office. My knee still hurts, even when I walk, but it hurts less than when I attempt to run. To get some extra calorie burn I spent about 75 minutes walking up and down some pretty steep hills through the drizzle and mud.

The nice part is that the park is gorgeous and fairly empty so it's pretty relaxing. The downside is that sometimes I wonder if I should be carrying mace in hand. I consider this to be a pretty safe part of town, but I am walking in the woods with few people around. Does anyone else think they're invinceable? After all, I can run 26.2 miles. I figure if someone wants to mess with me they'll be pretty sorry. They're in for a few kicks and punches and a LOOOONG run.

After dinner with the runners who I haven't seen in a few weeks, I went home, showered and did some yoga. It was a great way to end the evening. And this morning I spent 30 min sweating in my own living room! doing Jillian's level 2 30 day shred and a 6packabs workout on ExerciseTV. Man, I'm loving Comcast on demand right about now. I was able to modify some of Jillian's moves so as not to totally wrench my knee.

Tonight, I'm planning to stop by this workout class in town called FastFit, which claims to include cario, weights, plyometrics and core strengthening all in 45 min! And to top it off, the studio is right next to REI (recreational equipment) so I can pop in afterward and scope out some much needed gear for Europe. ;)

Comcast, how about a couple months free tv/internet thanks to my positive promotion of your service, eh?


Lisa D said…
I hope your knee gets better soon! I had knee problems after my first marathon. My knee bothered me for awhile and I couldn't run for the month after the marathon, but it did eventually heal...

You must be getting SO excited for your Europe trip!!!!!!
Amber said…
Oh no, that sucks that your knee is still bothering you. You are so creative about working out anyways though! GOOD FOR YOU!!!

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