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Who doesn't need a little blog love on a grey, dreary Monday? (Well, at least it is here anyway.) I know I sure do! Thanks to fabulous Amber Alert, she passed on this award to myself and four others.

For this award I am supposed to list five of my guilty pleasures. So here goes...

1. Cuddling under the covers and reading a good fiction book or watching a chic flick on a Saturday afternoon while drinking hot cocoa and eating popcorn. (This pretty much never happens because I don't let myself).

2. Shopping. Because I'm off to Europe in 11 DAYS I've been avoiding the mall, online stores, Target, the corner bakery, Starbucks, etc like the plague. In fact, I consider it a major victory if I escape a store with no purchases.

3. Reading blogs, Facebooking, twittering, social networking stuff...

4. Baking things that are very bad for me, but taste oh so good and attempting to make them just a bit healthier. Cupcakes, cakes, scones, cookies, you name it, I'll bake it.

5. Photography. Taking photos (although I'm no pro), looking at photos, dreaming of what my wedding photography will be like (no matter how far away that date may be), scrapbooking photos, etc.

Ok, now I'm passing on some Monday blog love to these fabulous bloggers!
1. Absolut(ly) Fit Laura for her great race reports and enthusiasm for all things running.
2. Trials of Training Heather for her great training run recaps and her willingness to wake up at 4 oclock hour to RUN.
3. What I Wore Jessica for her creative and inspiring outfits every day.
4. Transplanted Baker Siri for her melt in your mouth recipes and photography of her gorgeous kitchen creations.
5. Your wishcake because her photography is fun and her blog is like a breath of fresh air...relaxing and fun.

P.S. Iowa Girl Eats is giving away some yummy foodish products in honor of her Blogoversary! Hop on over!


Amber said…
Omg, spending a day under the covers is SO one of mine too!!
haha all of the above sound pretty familiar, especially "if I escape w/o a's a victory". I understand this on so many levels. agh!

and aww THANK YOU! It's the new blog's first award :) how funnn!
J said…
I think about what my wedding photos will look like too! I just love looking at pictures and scrapbooking them!

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