Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time. When? Balance. How?

It's quite fitting that this week's TIaRT theme is Time and Balance because apparently I don't have much of it, which has left me scrambling, at work anyway. But hey, this is the fun stuff we're talking about, the running stuff. How do I find make the time to run/workout?

I make it a priority. I plan the rest of my day around it. Because I know that a healthy me makes a happier me, I'm willing to shorten my get-ready-for-work routine or push back dinner plans a bit to fit in some serious sweat time.

Last night for example, I ran home from Target (I swear I had to get a few necessary things for Europe, like a Tide to go stick, mini blowdryer and more Aveeno spf moisturizer) and then jumped into my spandex and NB shoes and started Jillian's Blast Trouble Spots workout before the man friend came over for dinner. He arrived mid sweat as I was squatting and pressing along with Jillian and team. Sexy.

I ran to the kitchen to start boiling water for some yummy black bean and tomato quinoa I've raved about before (and the man friend loves) and went straight back to cranking out pushups and mountain climbers. Need a healthy, protein full and tasty new meal to add to the mix? I promise you, you won't be sorry with this recipe! Moving on...

This morning, I woke up a bit earlier to fit in her awesome Boost Metabolism 58 min workout AND 15 min of yoga before showering and heading to work. I have a work event that goes late tonight, then I'm meeting the runners for dinner, and somewhere in there I'll say hi to the man friend. Plus, I fully intend on fitting in a lunch walk in this little break of sun we're having.

So, while I may not be able to talk about running (thanks to this still bum knee), I'm talking about making your body and your health a HIGH priority. For me, it's usually #1 or #2 on the list so I don't skip my workout just because I don't feel like it. Nope, not a good enough excuse.

BTW, if you have On demand, seriously check out Jillian's Boost Metabolism Cardio Burn workout. You'll not only feel the burn and the sweat dripping off you, you'll feel those sore muscles a few days later. That's when I know a workout is good...when sweat is dripping down my face and back, my obliques hurt, my quads burn with every squat and I feel the results a few days later.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crunch time, oh there you are!

We've been missing each other, you and I. It's been quite a while since you've forced me into this panic mode in which piles of paper begin covering every surface of my desk, deadlines force me to sit working through lunch and I feel the adrenaline pulsing through my body. Polite email responses turn to basic answers, lacking all "Hi David/Sally," "No problem." or Thanks, Sassy" niceties.

Crunch time, you remind me how well I work under pressure. How quickly I check things off a to do list that have been sitting there for a month or so simply because I have to. But come next Thursday afternoon, crunch time, we can't speak to each other. For I'll be skip-to-my-louing off to Europe and you'll be forced into hiding until June 1 when I return jet lagged to a hopefully clean desk and 1,000 or so emails.

But for now, we're besties. You're the reason I wake up unrested. You're the reason the man friend asks why I've been so quiet lately and mentions that I haven't talked much about work. You're the reason my fingernails are the tiniest of nubbins. You're all consuming.

I can't wait until all that's consuming me is croissants, lattes and a 40lb backpack.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nike Naked Running Camp

Just for fun, I wanted to share this little video with all of you. It's been circulating among my facebook friends as we live in Tracktown, USA and see some of these elite runners around town, on the running trails, or just visiting for big track meets.

Psssst...I saw Kara and Adam Goucher (the ones sitting in their house at the end of this video) on Friday at the track meet in town. It was so cool. She literally was in Boston running her arse off just a few days before. My friend K and I wanted to get our pics taken with her because we were few feet away from her and the entire Goucher clan during the meet. But we were chicken. So we let a few high school boys get autographs and photos with her instead.

P.S. How inspiring is Kara? I mean to be upset with 3rd place Boston Marathon finish in your third marathon ever?! Ha. 2:32, that's closer to my 1/2 marathon time than my full.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Blog love

Who doesn't need a little blog love on a grey, dreary Monday? (Well, at least it is here anyway.) I know I sure do! Thanks to fabulous Amber Alert, she passed on this award to myself and four others.

For this award I am supposed to list five of my guilty pleasures. So here goes...

1. Cuddling under the covers and reading a good fiction book or watching a chic flick on a Saturday afternoon while drinking hot cocoa and eating popcorn. (This pretty much never happens because I don't let myself).

2. Shopping. Because I'm off to Europe in 11 DAYS I've been avoiding the mall, online stores, Target, the corner bakery, Starbucks, etc like the plague. In fact, I consider it a major victory if I escape a store with no purchases.

3. Reading blogs, Facebooking, twittering, social networking stuff...

4. Baking things that are very bad for me, but taste oh so good and attempting to make them just a bit healthier. Cupcakes, cakes, scones, cookies, you name it, I'll bake it.

5. Photography. Taking photos (although I'm no pro), looking at photos, dreaming of what my wedding photography will be like (no matter how far away that date may be), scrapbooking photos, etc.

Ok, now I'm passing on some Monday blog love to these fabulous bloggers!
1. Absolut(ly) Fit Laura for her great race reports and enthusiasm for all things running.
2. Trials of Training Heather for her great training run recaps and her willingness to wake up at 4 oclock hour to RUN.
3. What I Wore Jessica for her creative and inspiring outfits every day.
4. Transplanted Baker Siri for her melt in your mouth recipes and photography of her gorgeous kitchen creations.
5. Your wishcake because her photography is fun and her blog is like a breath of fresh air...relaxing and fun.

P.S. Iowa Girl Eats is giving away some yummy foodish products in honor of her Blogoversary! Hop on over!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Little victories (emphasis on little)

Yesterday, all I wanted was a little whole wheat raisin walnut roll to go with my salad for lunch. I hopped on over to the corner french bakery (which is to die for!) and waited for 15 painful minutes as four customers ahead of me were each helped with their espressos, paninis, croissants, etc before giving up.

I simply couldn't stand there any longer drooling over cookies the size of my face, a chocolate hazelnut torte and marionberry scones. So I walked out and headed off to run a few errands on my bike. I returned later with a grumbling stomach to no line and got my bread and went back to work. Mark that as one victory for this sugar obsessed woman who rarely leaves the bakery without a sweet treat.

The last few days I've armed myself with my favorite orbitz gum for those times when I just want something to chew on. Try it sometime, it really helps. That and biting my nails. Now if only I could kick that disgusting habit!

And this morning, after doing 45 min of yoga/pilates, I grabbed an Americano on my way to work. As much as I'd loooove to get a chai or fancy dancy latte, I must refrain for my wallet and arse's sake.

P.S.-Good luck to all you marathoners out there running Nashville 1/2 and full tomorrow! I wish I were there. Absolutely in love with that race, that place and those people. Sigh.

P.P.S. - Just found this old post from 2007 about 25 things I was looking for in a man. Hilarious, but impressed with how many of these qualifications the man friend meets. Thank you, universe.

I'm better at writing than talking

I've always considered myself a good conversationalist, outgoing, open kind of person willing to talk to anyone. But about a year ago when I started eHarmony (which I stayed on for about 6 months), I started talking to this guy who lives 1,100+ miles away and realized I didn't want to give him my number because I was terrified. Terrified that while we had great dialogue over email, my abilities to open up on the phone would mess up this spark.

One Friday he emailed me his number as he was going on a trip and said I could text him or call if I felt like it. I texted and we ended up finally talking. The conversations got better as time when on, but ultimately I realized my thoughts come out right on paper/web, but verbally I don't allow them to flow. When he finally stopped calling and writing a few months later, I was actually relieved. Relieved that I didn't have to attempt my first real relationship halfway across the country and through the phone lines, and that I could go back to figuring out what I was really looking for in life and love.

I'm thankful that things with Paul didn't work out. And that I tried something new, was uncomfortable in my words and able to move on to find a man who makes me truly happy. The trouble is, I find myself still at a loss for words, even when I know he doesn't care how imperfect they are. I find myself able to pour my thoughts out in our daily email or texting exchanges, but unable to say the words on the tip of my tongue when we're sitting face to face. I think there's some safety we writers find in sitting behind our words, in knowing that our writing speaks for itself so we don't have to.

Last night I went to an alumni event where I was talking with a recent grad who wants to write, but doesn't have a job yet. Write for magazines or newspapers or freelance. But she couldn't talk. Was embarrassed for herself. Everything in her body language, facial expressions and eye contact said it so. She reminded me of what I don't want to be. I don't want to be so scared of my own words that I keep them inside, hidden from all to see. Because the longer you keep them hidden, the harder it is to unveil your true self.

So for now, I use my writing as a way to instigate verbal conversations. As a way to start a discussion about trying to keep thing equal, about plans for the weekend and to tell him how much I care.

Does anyone else find this dichotomy of being able to pour your heart and soul out in an email, texting or on facebook, but not so much in person? Sometimes I wonder if it's part of a writer's nature. If it makes us better writers as a result? Maybe we keep things bottled up so we can pour them out onto a page. What do you think?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When to say when

I'm putting it out there because it makes me accountable. It's 16 days until Europe now and something has to give. I'm saying sianara to sweets for the next two weeks because they're just making me feel gross. Plus, once I'm roaming the streets of Rome and Paris with my friend A, all I'll want to do is eat endless amounts of pastries, pizza, crepes and gelato.

Yesterday, a printer I recently started working with brought in a huge box of donuts along with my proof. Not what I needed, but I ate a few anyway. Granted, I did ride my bike to and from work AND went on a 45 min walk/run at lunch AND did a 25 min CalorieBurn workout when I got home (jump ropes, weights, lunges, abs, pushups, etc). But I also stopped by Ben & Jerry's on the way home for FREE CONE DAY and had wine and cheese with some friends later on. Not my idea of healthy eating, that's for sure.

Anyone else in need of a sugar detox? Fit Sugar says we should only be having 30-50 g per day of sugar coming from white/added/crappy sugar, not the naturally occurring sugars found in fruits and veggies. In my fairly healthy, organic maple flavored yogurt for example, there are 17 g of sugar. In a 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream, 21 g. Yesterday I DEFINITELY went over 50 g.

Here's to limiting crappy sugar and using my will power just a bit more. After all, without being able to run for long distances, I'm not burning as many cals so it's more important that I pay attention to those little extras I usually eat carelessly.

Monday, April 20, 2009

When is 15 min a success?

When you've been out of commission for weeks on end. When you are able to run for 15 min straight with the dog on a Friday morning with just a bit of pain. And then when you follow it with two 40+ minute bike rides and a 25 min run/walk on Saturday.

But when you add 20 min to that 15 and run for 35 min on a somewhat hilly dirt path on Sunday and walk for about 20 more, it's not quite success. As much as we want things to heal when we wave our magic wands, they don't always follow suit. I'm resisting making an appointment with the phys therapist. I figure Europe will afford me three weeks of constant walking with a 50lb backpack and no time for running. I think we call that active rest, right?

While the knee hurts and is clearly swollen, I truly think all this work with yoga, weights and working on balance more the past few weeks is starting to help. I want to make a concerted effort to keep it up. After all, injuries allow us to test our limits in other physical aspects like balance, flexibility and core strength.

My friends keep saying "hey, you ran a marathon a few weeks ago. Your body's still recovering." But I know better, or rather I know what I expect from my body and once you've reached a month since you've run a marathon, it's no longer a viable excuse. I just have to exercise patience and luckily, with all the stress at work, I don't really have the time or energy to be irritated with my running. I guess I'm back to 15 minutes.

Europe countdown: 18 days!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I want to know...

what are you doing in this economy to save $? Tell me!

Truth is: my eyes are sometimes bigger than my bank account, this Europe trip is happening in three weeks(!), dating can get expensive (men like to eat A LOT), and this economy just plain sucks (I cringed when I saw my last retirement account statement). It's Thursday and once again I'm planning to forego dinner with the running group to save $10, but miss out on a few hours of chatting with the group. My logic is I already went out to dinner (with the girls, all of whom are in the running group) once this week AND bought thai takeout on Sun night with the man friend.

Other ways I've been attempting to save include:

-skipping the occasional Americano/latte from Starbucks
-attempting to bring my lunch every day to work
-not buying alcohol at dinner ($4 beer or $7 glasses of wine add up. Plus, I could get an entire six pack or bottle of wine for that amount.)
-not renewing my gym membership this term and becoming a little more creative by hopping on the bike, going for long hilly walks (b/c my bum knee won't let me run), and using my on demand exerciseTV workouts
-avoiding Target at all costs
-forcing myself to only buy items on my grocery list (usually fruits, veggies and protein)

Tell me, what are YOU doing to save $? And Glamour just started a new blog, Little Miss Fortune about living big on a small budget!

TIaRT: the HOW and the WHY

Today's topic in the lounge is for those who aren't sure how or why to start a running focused blog. So here it is, the how and they why of Sassy Molassy.

I started blogging for no other real reason than my great friend T started one, and I'm a writer who likes to share. And on top of that, I'm unable to fully express myself to some of those closest to me. The blog allows me to spread my wings, spit word vomit no one really cares to hear and simply vent. Try it. Trust me, you'll like the feeling. At first it feels a bit exposing, but the more you write, the easier it is and the more real you're able to be.

While my blog isn't solely running focused, running is a big part of my life and hence a major topic on this here blog. Sometimes I think it would be nice to just have one focus, but when I make a yummy recipe I'd like to share or have a rant about work, it's nice to have this outlet, this little piece of internet heaven. I first "advertised" my blog on my facebook and myspace accounts. But after a few months I decided I just didn't want my 324 facebook "friends" reading my business. So, a few real friends check in regularly (hey C!T!Jo!), but beyond that it's my blogging community, people I've never met (except Absolutly Fit Laura whom I met in person at the Portland Marathon) who support me in ways you can't imagine.

So for those of you in the Runner's Lounge just pondering the idea of blogging about your training and it. What do you have to lose? The major plus is that through this network you get to meet and read the stories of so many amazing and inspiring runners you won't want to leave. It's quite comforting to have a whole circle of people who understand your insanity (for training for another big race) or who are able to empathize with your frustrations over that injury after so many months of hard training.

Long story short, the how is: decide what you want from this blog and just start writing. The why is: because you will grow so much from it (in your writing, your running, your thinking and beyond). Happy blogging!

For those of you who have already begun, what inspired you? Are there topics or things you keep out of your blog? Do you advertise your blog on your facebook/myspace?

P.S. I'm so happy to have this blog and to have found you people I call my friends (whom I've never met)!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a few things about me you've been dying to know

Ha! Thanks for the tag Heather! Your ability to wake up before the sun to do some killer runs, then going to work, keeping up with TWO blogs and visiting old friends on a regular basis continue to impress me. And I probably find the similarity behind our craziness.

1. What are your current obsessions?
chips and salsa (ok, that never goes away), exercise tv workouts i can access at any moment from home, pedicures, staying up to date on a LOT of blogs

2. Which item from your closet are you wearing most often?
My recently purchased light bluish Gap hip slung pants , which are probably the most comfortable thing I wear to work these days and my black Dansko Margrete's.

3. Last thing I bought for myself?
Besides the two tacos and Pacifico I had tonight with the girls at Taco Tuesday, I bought these great shorts from REI for my Europe trip that are comfy, breathable and dry fast.

4. What’s for dinner?
chicken tacos and Pacifico all for $6! Gotta love Taco Tuesday!

5. Say something to the person who tagged you:
Heather, you rock. Did I mention the 4:30 am insanity?! Crazy, but I love it and I love keeping up on your training and fun adventures.

6. What is one item you could not live without?
running shoes - is that really a question?

7. Vacation spots you must visit before you die?
Cinque Terre, Italy - I'll be there soon!
Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Africa (I want to see the people and physically experience the poverty and hardships as well as better understand the aids epidemic in the flesh as I've learned about it pretty extensively in college)
Hawaii - still can't believe I've never been
Steamboat Springs, CO

8. Three things to do before you die:
1. have a job that feeds my passion, fulfills my soul, utilizes my everything and helps other people
2. love without reservation
3. have babies and a family and move into a happy home

9. What are you reading right now?
Good in Bed - Jennifer Weiner (I don't like reading things that stress me out, hence the fun read.)

10. What is the last movie you saw and enjoyed?
MILK was good and Role Models made me laugh a LOT more than I expected.

11. What’s your guilty pleasure?
pedicures, country music (I totally agree Heather), baked goods of any kind (GAH!)

12. What’s your favorite smell?
fresh cut grass, clean laundry and a good smelling man (cologne induced)

13. Best thing you ate or drank lately?
tiramisu at the local bakery when the bf's family was visiting

14. Favorite Quote?
"If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there." - Lewis Caroll
"Never let the odds keep you from pursuing what you know in your heart you were meant to do." - Satchel Paige

15. Describe one of your happiest moments.
Finishing my first half marathon and finding my mom and one of my best friends standing at the finish line laughing, smiling and crying for MY accomplishment. Overwhelming to say the least.

16. What’s one thing you can’t go a day without doing?
listening to music

17. What do you have an addiction to?
Not sure I'm addicted to anything. Does blueberries and bananas in my cereal count? I can hardly survive a day without eating a banana. Not because I love them so much, but because they just seem necessary for me to be healthy. Oh and I seem to be addicted to biting my nails, although I wish I could STOP!

18. What’s your favorite holiday?
Christmas. I love all holidays, but the universal feeling among all people around Christmas is hands down the best feeling ever.

19. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone (no texting!) ?
the man friend

20. What is on your calendar coming up this month?
Weekend trip with the family to one of my favorite mountain towns
A LOT of work projects to finish before Europe
hanging out with friends
preparing for three weeks in Europe

21. What are your ‘hidden’ hobbies? Things you do besides running for a little outlet!
photography, scrapbooking, list making, traveling, reading, dancing to a good beat, singing in my car with no care to who is watching, hiking, etc.

Think your readers need to know a bit more about you? Tag! You're it! I'm one of those girls who doesn't like to tell people to do things.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Working out makes Mondays manageable

Friday afternoon brought sun. Sun that told me "you cannot go to a workout class indoors." Luckily, I had motivation to do a workout so I headed home, put on my workout clothes and cycling shorts and headed off for an hour ride in the sun. It was relaxing and my pale legs thanked me for the chance to finally see the world again. After the ride I got home and made the awesome black bean tomato quinoa recipe that the boyfriend loved. So much so that he told me "I think this is the best thing you've ever made for me." And that's saying a lot because I've made him some pretty awesome dinners and desserts in the past few months, if I do say so myself.

Saturday morning I went to an Athletic Nia class for 90 min, which combined dancing, weights and a little bit of yoga. It was fun and silly, but a nice break for the knees next to running. Has anyone else tried Nia?

Sunday after a biiiig Easter brunch (and two donuts-boys are bad influences), the man friend, the dog and I headed out for a nice hike in the hills. After brunch we could have easily fallen into a food induced coma/nap, but I forced him to come with me and burn off some of those quiche, donut, coffee cake, mimosa calories from brunch. Near the top of the butte we stopped to take a brief rest and enjoy the view (and the house of my dreams).

Tonight I went to a 75 min Lifeforce Fit class, which included yoga, strength training and resistance moves, heart pumping and sweating activities (like jumping lunges and squat and jumps) and more stretching. Then I came home and did a 20 min ExerciseTv Biggest Loser workout and a 10 min 6packabs workout. Needless to say, I can feel the soreness already in my hamstrings and butt. Lunges will really do that to ya.

On an unrelated note, I want to know...what do you feel about moving in with someone you're dating? When's the right time? How did you know? How can you be sure it won't damage what you have? And do you feel like one of you sacrifice more in your relationship?

Update (Tues): Had a great convo with the ladies about this topic tonight. Although I'm not ready to move in, all this discussion made me realize I need to speak up a bit more. Say what I'm feeling. After all, you're in a relationship to share something, not just to be content. Sharing means exposing stuff that's not always pretty and perfect and happy. Sometimes it's hard and it hurts and it means telling him he needs to make the effort I'm so desperately craving for him to realize on his own.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting creative

Last night while the running group was doing their killer Thursday night workout, I was speed walking my way through the hills near my office. My knee still hurts, even when I walk, but it hurts less than when I attempt to run. To get some extra calorie burn I spent about 75 minutes walking up and down some pretty steep hills through the drizzle and mud.

The nice part is that the park is gorgeous and fairly empty so it's pretty relaxing. The downside is that sometimes I wonder if I should be carrying mace in hand. I consider this to be a pretty safe part of town, but I am walking in the woods with few people around. Does anyone else think they're invinceable? After all, I can run 26.2 miles. I figure if someone wants to mess with me they'll be pretty sorry. They're in for a few kicks and punches and a LOOOONG run.

After dinner with the runners who I haven't seen in a few weeks, I went home, showered and did some yoga. It was a great way to end the evening. And this morning I spent 30 min sweating in my own living room! doing Jillian's level 2 30 day shred and a 6packabs workout on ExerciseTV. Man, I'm loving Comcast on demand right about now. I was able to modify some of Jillian's moves so as not to totally wrench my knee.

Tonight, I'm planning to stop by this workout class in town called FastFit, which claims to include cario, weights, plyometrics and core strengthening all in 45 min! And to top it off, the studio is right next to REI (recreational equipment) so I can pop in afterward and scope out some much needed gear for Europe. ;)

Comcast, how about a couple months free tv/internet thanks to my positive promotion of your service, eh?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Technology Tips

I heart technology, I really do, but most of the time when it comes to running I prefer to escape. Escape it all. That doesn't mean I don't have a Garmin 305 (w/ heart rate monitor) that tells me my pace, heart rate, distance, calories burned, route, etc. And it doesn't mean I don't have an ipod I occasionally wear on a run. And it doesn't mean I didn't consider getting the Nike+ sports kit to fit into my Nike running shoes when I had them.

But most of the time, my Timex or Nike running watches are all I want joining me on a run. Tell me how long I've been out on the pavement and I'm a happy woman. When I get a bit more serious and want to know my stats for long runs/races or want to zone out to some music, I've got the technology to do it.

Where I don't waver in technology however, is my running clothes. I heart dri fit/cool max material like it's my job. $55 on a pair of running pants, no prob. $30 on a tech t shirt, it's mine. Because I'm so over feeling all gross and muggy after a run in a cotton tshirt. My running drawer is officially overflowing with tech shirts, shorts and spandex. Must step away from the clothing racks.

P.S. The knee still hurts. I tried doing a 15 min run/walk yesterday and my knee is much worse today. I'll chalk it up to my body revolting after so much training and the hilly marathon. Old lady yoga, here I come.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Burn baby, burn

Do you ever feel like you're so stressed you're burning calories just sitting? BURNING through them like mad?? I do. Every day this week.

Thankfully, the man friend's mom and sister are flying home today so that takes one more stressor off my plate. Don't get me wrong, it was great to meet them and get to show them around, but to play tour guide, good girlfriend, career person and athlete all at the same time, is no easy feat.

And to add to that, I'm behind at projects here at work and happen to be skipping off to Europe in a mere 4 WEEKS from today! Holy crapoly! Bottom line is, I feel my heart beating and I'm sitting at my desk.

Yesterday ended with a two hour meeting where a coworker talked over everyone else (including her supervisors) and proceeded to tell us what we were doing/thinking was wrong without listening to anyone's logic. Topic of conversation? Our strategy for our Facebook presence. Not so much something of life and death here people. And to top it off, in our industry we're ahead of the eight ball as far as Fbook goes. Just sayin'...I'm convinced this couldn't have happened in the private sector.

I have been proud of myself though. To reduce stress and the amount of time I need to devote toward exercise daily, I've ridden my bike to work all three days so far this week. I have a decent 22 min ride each way, as well as any errands I decide to do mid day by way of bike. In addition, I've decided (since I'll be out of the country for 21 days) that I'm not renewing my gym membership this term (I work out a University rec center). So instead, I've challenged myself to keep in good shape by running, biking, doing exercise tv workouts, yoga and more! I think it will force me to be a little more creative and stay outside for most of my exercise.

P.S. Last night's turkey & veggie lasagna and sweet potato cheesecake w/ maple whip cream were awesome! I've made both before, but things always turn out different and I tend to make changes and substitutions to my recipes pretty regularly. Do yourself (and family) a favor and make one of these recipes pronto!

Monday, April 6, 2009

My fingers smell like onions.

Why you ask? Because the man friend's mom and sister are in town and I offered to make this awesome turkey sausage and veggie filled lasagna AND my awesome sweet potato cheesecake (w/ maple whipped cream) for tomorrow night after his hill climb bike race. HA! Oh and I have an event for work that causes me to be out of the office all week from 10-4 daily.

So last night, I trekked to the store for supplies around 930pm. And because the meat counter was already closed I had to make a return stop this morning. So I woke up bright and early at 6am, popped the sweet potatoes in the oven, made the pecan/graham cracker crust, did laundry, ate breakfast, biked to the grocery store at 7 to pick up the turkey sausage, chopped an onion (which nearly made me cry) and cooked it along with the sausage. Whew! Then packed it all away in the fridge for continued baking and cooking tonight.

I then proceeded to bike to work. Ambitious. But now I'm off to the event where I'll be talking to a lot of people all day long and my fingers smell like onion. I just thought someone should know. Sometimes, no matter how much you wash your hands, the smell of onions or garlic just won't leave. Happy Monday!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Take it and run/walk Saturday?!

Seeing as how I kinda missed TIaRT lounge topic by a few days and I looooove shoes, I figure better late than never, eh? The only catch? I have to write about it in 113 words, the cost of my shoes.

I'm currently sporting a new pair of 8.5 wide New Balance 1063, voted "Best Update" by Runner's World in their March 2009 shoe guide. Why do they work for me? They're wides so my orthotics (made just for my foot and specific probs) fit in them, they're flashy, and they're super comfy. Plus, they're lighter than my last pair of NB 757 clunkers that made me feel like I was carrying weights on the bottom of my feet. Normally, these suckers would cost me $125, but being a part of our running group (sponsored by the local running store), I get 10% off all purchases. Yes!

I for one am an admitted shoe girl. When my bf first started coming over he's like "um, do you wear ALL of those shoes??" I stack most of my shoes (in their original boxes) next to my closet, and it's a pretty tall stack, not gonna lie. Truth is, I'm not afraid to spend a little extra on shoes that make my feet and body happy. So when I see the $125 ($112.50 for me) price tag on my running shoes, I'm not afraid. What's another $30-40 if they work well for your body?

So when I'm not running/walking/working out, I'm often sporting these puppies (or a version of them). I don't know how many of you out there have them, but I can walk for miles in my Danskos, no joke. They're that comfortable. I used to throw a lot of money out the window by buying $25-$60 shoes from Target, Mervyn's, Steve Maddens, etc that would not only kill my feet but start falling apart after a few months. Who cares that they were cute if my body was suffering as a result? The old woman inside me has decided that while I can't afford Cole Haan's, I can afford Danskos and other decent shoes that are going to last me more than a season.

So my advice to you is take a look at what you're wearing. Is it time for an upgrade? A resole? A polishing? A wider/half size bigger shoe? A pair with less than 500 miles on them? Your body's worth it. Go forth and conquer my little shoe mavens!

P.S. I suck at sticking to the rules. Word count = much higher than 113. But I know you'll thank me for all the super advice.

P.P.S. My knee is super unhappy with me right now. Walking is quite painful. So who knows when I'll be out for a run next? I ran about 10 min today with the dog and cringed with every step. The remaining 50 minutes of our walk was painful. Ice and advil quickly followed.

Oh, and the man friend's mom and sister arrive this afternoon from Michigan! Should be fun.