Seattle recap

Let me tell you, last weekend was fabulous. It was a fun getaway and gorgeous fall weekend in a city that rains more than anywhere else I've ever been. Despite my doubts, the sun shone down on Seattle for those few days and we couldn't have been happier. Friday, after my crazy friend L picked us up at the train station, we headed to Pike Place Market for a few hrs (after stopping for a Starbucks at the original location of course), which is always entertaining.

Usually, my favorite part of the market is the hot, scruffy, fish-throwing men, standing in smelly orange waders. But this time I was more entranced by the flowers and the fact that these adorable Asian women were creating and selling gorgeous bouquets for just $15 that would sell for at least $60 in a flower shop. Oh and the fresh fruit and veggie stands. I had one of the best honeycrisp apples of my life. Definitely worth the $2. Ah, to live in a big city.

Saturday was gameday. My friend J and I headed out on an early foggy run so we wouldn't feel so bad about our tailgating in the hours ahead. And of course because we love running. The other girls of course stayed bundled in their blankets/beds/sleeping bags thinking we're absolutely insane because even after all these years they still don't get that yes, we ran in high school and no, we're never going to stop because we love to run. Every. single. day. Real runners don't just say, "oh, not today. I'm tired." Runners run because they love it and it rules above tiredness, laziness and hangovers. Well, most of the time anyway.

After donning a team's jersey I am usually rooting against, we headed for the stadium and four hours of fun tailgating. For one day, I was a Beaver Believer. The police in Seattle were especially nice to us out of towners. As we started hydrating, a few policemen came by to tell us to please pour our "apple juice" into plastic cups and please move that bottle of "water" (blueberry vodka) into the car and out of sight. Apparently, it's fine for them to see the apple juice or water in the cups, but not the containers they arrived in. After that little learning experience, we were good to go.

The Beavs won because frankly, the Huskies suck. Sorry UW fans, it's not been a good couple years for your team. I even heard one angry fan ranting after the game about how much the coach sucks and that they should have fired him long ago. Come on guys, your team sucks, but you've got to be loyal. At least to the team anyway. They're kids. Some not even legal to drink. We headed to a local pub for grub and hydration. After being thoroughly annoyed by two idiots who were betting with each other on whether or not we were wearing thongs or had boyfriends, a round of jello shots arrived at our table. All that hassling for something anyway. We promptly enjoyed them and headed upstairs where we heard the producers for Seattle's Comcast ondemanddating show was going on. So, who should sign up for it?? My crazy friend L.

Crazy friend L is great. She's funny, busty, red headed, thoughtful, can drink like a fish and is a bit wild. Alas, the stories she tells of things that actually happen to her are unbelievably, gut busting, almost make you want to pee your pants kind of hilarious. Within minutes, crazy L has the interviewer and the sound guy laughing hysterically and I promise you, she wasn't even trying. It's her life and it just sounds a little out of the norm.

My favorite was when she told the camera about a guy she was dating (15 yrs her senior w/ a kid) who's ex came rampaging through the house one night while she was there. L hides under his kid's bed while crazy ex is running around the house opening up every room and screaming that she knows there's a woman in the house. I can't wait to see who responds to the ad, but if you are in Seattle and you see it, you'll know what I'm talking about. Moral of the story is, these friends (most of whom I've known since the age of five) are still some of the greatest friendships I know. The mini reunion just reminded me how great it is when we're together and how much I look forward to future adventures.


Single said…
Sounds like a great weekend! I love Seattle.
heatherdc said…
Friendships like that are the absolute best. and this makes me Really want to be at a football game. cold weather or not, i miss it!!
:)fun pics

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