Running hills & feeling the burn

Last night was our last Thursday group hill workout in the park for the season thanks to the impeding darkness. For an hour or more our coach instructs us to run up various hills over and over again and as awful as it sounds, it's my favorite workout of every month.

Each hill I spend cussing to myself, but by the time I hit the peak and am heading back down, I've already forgotten how much I just hated those 30-60 seconds. It's so great because it kicks your ass and the next day your legs feel sore all over. It's like the massive bruises I used to have covering my knees from volleyball that I was so proud of that I'm pretty sure I wore skirts more often just to show them off.

Track workouts however, are despisable. Perhaps because they remind me of all the races I lost on that damn red rubber in high school and the fact that when coach tells us we can bring our racing flats, I think "right, like that's gonna make any difference for this 7:30-8min miler." Grandma's arches need support, thank you.

Plantar fasciitis is showing it's ugly face back into my foot and I don't like it one bit. Reminds me that these damn Asics need to be replaced RIGHT. NOW. because I feel like I'm running barefoot. And how much my Nikes suck to run in. Can I just say, how in the hell does Nike not know how to make a good stability shoe by now? Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I do live in Tracktown, USA and Nike is known as being the original designer of the waffle running shoe, no?? Nike, your lack of shoe technology continues to disappoint. So Asics Gel Kayanos, you're my #1.

I'm gearing up to run the Whidbey Island Marathon in March(much smaller and more remote than the 3 I've run: Portland, San Diego and Vermont. I guess I better bite the bullet and buy a few new pair of shoes and heal this sucker up, pronto. Here's too sore muscles and a happy weekend (and hoping a hottie or two sits next to us on the train). Hey, a girl can hope.


Heidi said…
how did you like VT? I'm planning on running it in May since it's my home turf. Somehow in 18 years of living there I don't think i've ever actually ran anywhere on the course...hmmm....
Anonymous said…
I would Loove to have a coach, just once a week, to have a kick-ass workout like that. they definitely burn, but afterwards its Sooo worth it! i hope your foot heals up, thats just not fun. i have problems with my achilles sometimes, which is a little scary. ehhh

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