Saint of all saints

So, I'm kind of getting excited for this weekend. Visiting the bro again and his gf in Portland and running Pints to Pasta 10K. And of course, no occasion is complete without some fabulous grub. I'm going to hit up Saint Cupcake during my quick visit because I've been staring at the menu for far too long and I want

Don't let this whole running thing fool you. While I enjoy the runner's high and having defined quads, calves and all that jazz, half the time I think I run so I can justify eating something as fabulously sugar and butter loaded as this. A friend served these at her wedding and not only was it a hip spin on the traditional wedding cake, they were so freaking amazing and because she ordered a ton of the "dot size" cupcakes, you could try several flavors without feeling too bad.

As for the 10K, I'm hoping to still be in cupcake coma so as not to feel the pain of the race, which will pretty much be inevitable after being injured for a few months now. Happy weekEND!


Laura said…
Come on, Sassy, you know I am ALL about running to eat something yummy! No judgment here :)
Anonymous said…
Good luck at the race!! A 10K sounds so good right now, and a cupcake...omg, that sounds Amazing. I've heard of ppl doing this instead of wedding cakes, thats such a cute idea!
Anonymous said…
Have a cupcake for me. I'm not a cake person but your description made them sound enticing! I hope your run goes well!

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