The shopping cart can get ya

I may or may not have purchased this dress.

Ok, and this one in a moment of weakness.

The way I see it...they were just sitting there in my virtual shopping cart for weeks and I kept thinking about them. I've been in search of the perfect summer dress and Anthropologie just happens to have some that are to die for. So, I leaped.

One is back ordered til late July and the other is on the way. I had been contemplating whether or not the long dress works for a girl who is 5'3", but finally decided I didn't care. The worst thing that could happen is that both make me look like a preggo cow and I'll have to send them back and my bank account will be all the more satisfied as a result. Fingers crossed they're freakin' adorable.


heatherdc said…
My mom just revealed to me today that she has a gift certificate to Anthropology (b-day gift). She hasn't spent it yet!! I said, "well lets go on line and start spendin'!" Except it'd probably take me years to decide what to buy, because there are just tooo many choices.
Sassy Molassy said…
PS-Did receive short dress in the mail tonight. And yes, did make me look like a prego cow. The styles right just can never tell, especially online.

So here's to hoping the back ordered one is such because it makes every woman look like a goddess!

And, I still heart Anthropologie.
P.O.M. said…
I love them!!!!!!!!!!
I sometimes wear that style and I may look a little preggers, but they are so comfy and fun, I dno't care.
Paula said…
That's the crap thing about ordering online - you never know what it's gonna look like. I quite often buy things in shops without trying them on but it seems a completely different thing than buying them without actually SEEING them first. Doesn't stop me doing it though . . .

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