I just want to say that I'm thankful for what I have and all that I sometimes take for granted.

Last week a roommate was in a car accident, totaling his car but not injuring his girlfriend or himself any more than some severe whiplash. This happened just a day after his younger brother swerved to miss a deer, crashed and was hospitalized for various injuries. The kid has now had five surgeries to his right arm and they will continue tomorrow with a bone and skin graft coming from his pelvis to fix the arm. The kid can't move his fingers properly or stretch them out fully, but hey, he's alive and functioning well otherwise. Whew.

Then today's newspaper had an article about a local high school girl who went from being vibrant cheerleader and swimmer to a young girl who can no longer speak or walk and be the same person she once was thanks to a car crash. Her story (and crushed car) is now an example used for pre-prom mock staged accidents shown at several high schools nearby.

And I'm reminded of a few high school friends who had a college friend of theirs fall over a second or third story balcony drunk during a watermelon seed spitting contest, land on her head and never recover to be the same person she once was.

For everything I find to complain about or criticize in life, I just have to say that I'm thankful that my family and friends are healthy, happy and safe. You never know when life's going to throw you a curve ball, but I'm just glad that to this point, it hasn't.

There have been moments when I look up just in time (when my mind is somewhere else) to slam on my breaks and I've silently whispered a prayer for looking up when I still had time. The little things (like being able to walk, drive myself to work, text or call my mom, laugh with friends, etc) are really important. I don't want to dismiss the little things in life because without them, it just wouldn't be the same. And clearly, I'm lucky to have what I do because not everyone is so fortunate. Sometimes, it just takes a little nudge to sharpen your vision back to 20/20.


Single said…
I was just thinking last week about how much we take walking for granted. I have been miserable with my sprained ankle but at least I know that is temporary. I was watching people in the neighborhood walking their dogs and thinking, I wish I could walk around. (What I really wish for is being able to motor on the elliptical for an hour.) Anyway, it certainly puts all my complaining lately into perspective. I need to spend more time being grateful and less time feeling sorry for myself:-)
Rachel said…
It's so true...Thanks for this post. It is the little things, and you aren't always reminded of those little things until you experience these kinds of events that happen to others.
I remember in high school a bunch of kids (I think one guy had his license) all piled in the back of a pickup truck. The driver was going just a little too fast around a windy curve and slammed into a tree. Every single one of the kids in the back of the truck were killed. It was a definite eye opener to everyone in our neighborhood. The sad thing is that three more high schoolers were killed in car crashes on that same road that same year. I guess people just don't learn. It does make you thankful for what you have though.

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