Gym fashion faux pas

Working out at the University's rec center can be an eye opener every now and again. But hey, it's cheap, convenient, is a great facility with new equipment and open at all hours so I can be working up a sweat at the crack of dawn, on my lunch hour and even as late as 11 P.M.

Ok, so I realize I'm a bit of a gym/workout snob for the mere reason that I've been comfortable in the gym (and even the weights section around all the big beefy guys) since I was in 8th grade.

However, I do not think the fact that some people are not as seasoned allows them to get away with avoiding a few basic rules.

First off, you're going to the gym to sweat, burn calories, work off that extra jiggle, tone up, etc. so wear something that is conducive to such an activity. Read: your boobs hanging halfway out of your top can't really be comfortable AND for the love of god, please wear a sports bra no matter how flat you think you are.

Second, impressing the boys should not be your main motive in hanging out at the gym. After all, have you seen them? Most of them hardly have time to shave, put on deodorant or throw on a shirt before strolling in to do the bench press. BUT if that's the only thing will get you off your ass, more power to you.

Tonight's fashion faux pas included:

1. a girl wearing a dark blue thong under white, terry cloth shorts while climbing the stairmaster. Talk about an ultimate wedgie. Girlfriend, that's what shorts with built in undies were made for (or any old shorts not purchased in the pajama section).

2. blush on a girl that could resemble clown makeup. Seriously chica, check out the mirror before you stroll on into the gym to impress the males. Joining the circus act is probably not what you had in mind tonight.

Thank you!

Your fabulous fellow gym goer


Rachel said…
I can totally relate to this type of gym behavior...It always makes me laugh though. What about the girl who is on the Elliptical and talking on her cell phone the entire time? Unbelievable! It's SO funny! They obviously aren't there to tone up.
I really do just laugh at people like this. But they probably just laugh at me in my basketball shorts and worn t-shirts running on the treadmill too. I guess whatever gets people moving right.
Anonymous said…
haha ooohh college gyms. they definitely lend themselves to many interesting stories.
Megan said…
this is why i work out at the YMCA - i hate girls like that. and then they are the same girls that complain that they can't meet any "nice" guys - maybe they should stop trying to pimp themselves out at the gym, ya think?

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