So, Mr. Physical Therapist/Volunteer Firefighter turned out to be a no-show. He texted me at 9 A.M. (we were meeting @ 10 due to both of our schedules) saying that he had been called out to a fire at 5 A.M. and they were still cleaning up the scene and he wouldn't be able to make it. He'd have to take a raincheck.

I'm still not sure if it was fact or fiction, but I wasn't too bummed. After all, I don't even know the guy. I figure either a) it was a legit excuse and he was still covered in sweat and soot making it impossible to meet me in an hour or b) he met someone else/was too hungover from a late night/or just decided he didn't want to meet me. But it's cool... I drank my latte, read the end of "Eat, Pray, Love" and decided that sometimes just sitting and doing nothing is better than this crazy whirlwind I'm always running around in.

This whole online dating thing has helped me realize a few things about myself and what I want in my life and future bf, husband, etc.

* I'm always on the go and don't know when to take a break (but when I finally do, I thoroughly enjoy it). I hope to find someone that can help me balance that. I'd like to believe you can be both successful and relaxed at the same time. This constant knot in my chest can't be good for my blood pressure.
* I want to find someone who's willing to tough it out until I'm comfortable around them b/c it takes me a while to be myself.
* I want someone who makes me laugh, a lot.
* I want someone who is adventurous and spontaneous because sometimes I am, but sometimes I need a push.
* And finally, I'm not sure about online dating. If I don't trust guys I meet in person, how am I supposed to trust someone I meet online through a series of questions and answers.

Life is complicated. I need to take it less seriously.


Anonymous said…
I don't think you should give up on the online dating quite yet, Sassy. I just went on my first "blind" date from eHarmony yesterday and had an amazing time! Meeting for coffee at 1pm turned into also getting lunch, and then finally ended with us being kicked out of the restaurant when they closed at 5pm. We have a ton in common, and there is a second date coming shortly. I think eHarmony is actually onto something with all those questions you have to answer and all the hoops you jump through. My advice would be to meet at least one person you're interested in from there before you make any final decisions. You never know, you could meet your soul mate. You just have to be open to letting it happen! Good luck!
magda said…
What a fool, canceling like that. At least you got some you-time out of the deal!

I struggle, too, taking things/life/myself less seriously. A moment of calm with a latte and a good book sounds idyllic in a lot of ways. Cheers to you for making the best of it!

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