My boss just asked me if I was stressed and tired because I wasn't working out! Ha! Um yeah... If you know me, you know I pretty much don't go a day without working out. Sunday it was a 10 mile run, last night 7 miles, and I already worked out this a.m. at home. So yeah, I'm definitely stressed from my lack of exercise. ;)

I'm getting a sore throat and trying to load up on Emergen-C, but I'm pretty sure the stress and lack of good sleep is not going to cut it. Work's almost done (for today) and then I'm off to freeze my buns off on the lacrosse field. I can't wait for this week to end. Just get me to Feb. 12th when I'll be in Tempe, AZ enjoying warmer temperatures and a more relaxing week at the marketing conference.


Anonymous said…
holy goodness, that seems like an awful lot of running! I'm seriously impressed. And feel well soon!

[Just found you on 20sb, by the way--and I really like your blog!]
James said…
What made your boss think your not working out? I mean do they normally stalk you out of work activity levels?

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