Pregnancy: Eight Weeks

Good morning! Over the next few weeks I'll be posting these to get us caught up to current day. This post was written around eight weeks into my pregnancy. I'm currently 22 weeks along. Let me know if you have any questions!

November 2017

Let's see, what's happened in the last four weeks? Well, mainly a lot of nausea and exhaustion. This pregnancy, I've definitely felt considerably worse than I did during my first pregnancy. From weeks 6-9, I had pretty much all day nausea that just wouldn't stop and was only briefly mitigated by small meals or snacks.

A nightly craving in this early weeks

Feeling nauseous and tired all day long definitely has left me with a short temper. I simply don't have the bandwidth to deal with toddler antics some days. And then when I lash out, I have to take a deep breathe, apologize and reassess the situation.

On top of that, it's hard to be around friends and family members because I have to pretend I don't feel like garbage. Telling people is always a tricky thing. On the one hand, I'd like to just tell friends and family, but on the other hand, it's nice to have something that's just your own secret for a while longer.

H reading books with his great grandma Jean

And the exhaustion? Whew. Never would I have imagined how tired I could feel growing a human and chasing after a toddler at the same time. On more than one occasion, I've nearly fallen asleep reading Henry books before nap or bedtime, or while he played in the living room during the day. I know I need to be awake and present, but my body is willing me to la la land. But don't worry, a toddler won't really let you sleep in the same room with them, so he's been sure to bang his drum, knock down blocks and climb on me to keep me half awake.

Exercise has been really lame this pregnancy so far thanks to rolling my ankle in Bend, OR at the end of September. My ankle is slowly healing, but even heading out for a 2-3 mile jog makes it sore and achy for a few days and weight lifting and yoga just don't seem to be happening. For me, if it doesn't happen first thing in the morning, it's not likely to happen. I've managed to make it to most of our weekly stroller runs from the store, but not without a few walk breaks for the ankle.

What I'm wearing: I haven't gained any weight yet, but with everything that's expanding inside, it doesn't feel too good to wear my regular high rise jeans. I tried on my maternity jeans the other day, but they fit awkwardly at this point.

Sleep: Sleep has been frustrating these last few weeks, but more often than not thanks to a certain toddler getting out of his bed at 4:00 a.m. I'd really like these next 30+ weeks to be sleep filled since I know I'll rack up some sleep debt after that. *We ended up buying an "Okay to wake" clock and removing the front side of his crib. The combo of these two things seemed to solve our 4:00 a.m. toddler wake-ups.

Okay, so suffice it to say, the first trimester wasn't much fun for me, but I'm pretty sure it's not a party for most women. And, I wasn't sick all the time, so that's a plus!

But today, today is sunny and I have Mondays off, so I'm looking forward to doing some computer work at home and spending some time with my little family. Have a great week!


So my pregnancy has pretty much sucked but one thing that I didn't deal with was nausea! I just had minor nausea in the first trimester and it was only occasionally. So I was lucky in that regard. It is hard to not feel like yourself but not be able to tell people you are pregnant. I hated keeping it a secret so ended up telling some close friends that we see often so I didn't have to keep making excuses about why I wasn't drinking wine. I"m known for being tired early so luckily me wanting to go home early'ish didn't throw anyone off. ;)

I can't imagine being pregnant and having a toddler, though. I mean I know a lot of people who have done it but it sounds so exhausting. I really WANT to have 2 kids but I get scared at the thought of going through another pregnancy with a little one to care for. Granted, I won't have to deal with a blood clot with my next pregnancy as I'll be on blood thinners as soon as I find out I am pregnant. But if my RA is active again I just can't fathom going through another pregnancy. But my rheum said my next pregnancy could be completely different as my RA could go into remission. Luckily we won't have to make the decision about whether or not to have another child for a year or so!
Leigh said…
Being pregnant with a toddler while working is so, so, so hard. I was so tired all the time, which is why I stopped working out. It will get better though! :)

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