Where Have I Been?

Well, the story remains somewhat the same. I'm busy with work, taking care of a toddler, enjoying some down time on occasion and now... growing another human! 

I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant with baby Moe 2.0 due in June.

I'm not sure why pregnancy makes me want to write more, but for some reason it feels natural to write about the process as I did while I was pregnant with Henry and I suppose it gives me a focus, too.

I've been writing some posts here in draft form for the past several months, so I'm hoping to catch you all up soon on the pregnancy so far. But long story short, I feel and look a lot more pregnant than I did last time at just halfway through my pregnancy. It's all to be expected with a second pregnancy (and beyond), but it's never easy to accept that you can't do as much as you once did.

21 weeks (pregnancy 1)

vs. 21 weeks (now)

Crazy, right?

Essentially, running is nearly non existent, save for a few 1-2 minute bursts during my few weekly 2-3 mile walks. It just doesn't feel good on the round ligaments as everything in the pelvic floor is all stretched out. The way it feels to me this time is like a relaxed hammock in there vs. a tightly stretched trampoline. The weight of the baby and the uterus really presses on my bladder and just doesn't feel great when I'm trying to run. So, I'm focusing on what I can do. Walks, weights and a little HIIT training at home.

I won't lie that when I start to think of when I might have time to do X, Y or Z project these days, I feel a bit of a panic attack coming on. Cleaning out storage boxes in the garage, decluttering, mopping the floors or deep cleaning the bathroom. They once seemed doable with a little one napping for 2 hrs, but I'm now working a lot more and Henry is only napping about an hour, so there's not much time for tasks.

And let's not get started about how little I'm already imagining I can accomplish when I have a nursing (hopefully) newborn and a toddler. H is just at the stage where he can play well independently, but not always. He often wants us to play with him, read a book or "stop working out, mommy!" when I'm taking a precious 20 minutes in the morning to get my strength in.

As I've recently switched to more of a full time schedule at the running store, I am constantly wondering how parents of multiple children ever get quality time to themselves or each other.

Anyway, that's probably enough for now. I need to take some deep breaths and get settled for bed. We'll chat more soon.

Let me know if you have any questions (or advice)!


I'm so excited for you guys! It's crazy to see the different between pregnancy 1 and 2! You look so cute, though, and have the cutest bump. I don't really have a concentrated bump like you do - mine is more spread out. A lot of people think I am having a girl because of how I am carrying but we'll see.

It is hard to imagine how working parents get time for themselves and each other when caring for multiple kids. I often wonder how my parents did it as they had 5 kids. Granted we lived in a tiny town so my mom had a 5 minute commute. And she didn't work full time until I was born. But still. It just boggles my mind how she got a great dinner on the table every single night. I don't make dinner every night now (we eat a lot of leftovers and simple meals) and we are kidless so things are really going to have to change when the baby gets older and starts eating solids!
Amber said…
You look so cute! And I still think your bump isn't *that* big for 21 weeks :) I can't even imagine how tough it will be with the two little ones. I know my best friend said the first year with two small ones was the hardest and then it started to get easier once they were both on the same nap schedule. Will be thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way <3 <3 Will you be taking a bit of a maternity leave from the running store??

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