Dear Henry: four months

So, it took going to our SIX month pediatrician appointment for me to finally get my rear in gear on these updates. I want to write them both for my own interest and because others might enjoy them as well. Luckily, I'm keeping a journal as well as notes on a baby calendar so I have a bit to reference back on.

My blogging has been slacking lately, but I'm really hoping to get back to writing regularly now that Henry is starting to take longer naps. Here goes...

Dear Henry,

Four months - holy moly! We are starting sleep training (The Baby Whisperer method) and it is hard. I hate hearing you cry, but we know it's in your best interest. Dad put you to sleep the other night and it took 35 minutes for you to stop crying and go to sleep. Luckily, you took well to sleep training and after 4-5 days, you were going down for naps and nighttime like a champ in maybe 5 minutes!

You are starting to rotate or spin when we put you down. It's not fast, but sometimes when I put you down on your mat or in the crib, when I come back a minute later you've already rotated yourself 90 degrees. I can see where this is headed...

You are already becoming pretty interested in our food, but we haven't given you anything just yet. A few times you've nearly dumped my entire cereal bowl on the ground because you wanted what was in it. You also love looking at and touching my water cup.

Your smiles are just the best. I noticed you've been "talking" a bit less lately, but I think that's because you're focusing on your motor skills. I can tell we're on the verge of a whole lot of movement, ready or not!

Lots of love,

What's not to love about a baby in jeans?

Height: 25.5" (63%)

Weight: 15.6 lbs (47%)

Sleep: Waking 2-3x per night

Clothes: Squeezing you into a few stretchy 3 month things, but mostly we're on to 6 month clothing and 9 month PJs


missris said…
What an angel face! I love reading these :)
He's such a cutie! I am glad sleep training worked for you guys. I am sure it was so hard to hear him cry but was worth it for him to go to sleep easier!
lyk said…
Can you do a post on sleep training! We are also using the baby whisperer method and although only two days in, I'm pretty miserable hearing him wail.

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