What I'm Loving Lately

It feels like it's been years since I've done one of these posts. I guess wedding planning and part time school + work put me in a pretty serious state of being. Without further ado, here's what I'm loving...

1. These shorts - It's hot as Hades in Eugene. And when it's 80+ degrees in your house at bedtime, the shorter, the better, which is why these are so great. Shorty shorts = my favorite kind of pajamas.

2. Cool showers and wet hair - Again, it's hot and these two things help keep the body temp down.

3. Making a decision I don't hem and haw over - This is rare, but much appreciated, especially in the last week and a half of wedding crunch time!

4. Lorac Unzipped eyeshadow palette - All of these colors make up the perfect color palette (brownish pinks) for my eyes. I was really excited to find this a few weekends ago at the Urban Beauty Bar in Portland, along with some lipstick for the wedding.

5. Lumineers' Pandora station - So many happy-inducing songs and new discoveries.

What about you? Any new favorite things or aspects of life you're enjoying?

I had my final dress fitting on Saturday. It is hard to imagine that in just a week and a half Pete and I will be getting hitched. The good thing is, I don't have a single fear about it.

There are just so. many. details. when organizing a celebration for 100. Whew! We will get it all done and if we don't, it probably wasn't that important. 

Engagement Photos
For those of you who aren't connected with me on Facebook, here is a peek at our engagement photos we had taken a few weeks ago {better late than never?!}. I love how our photographers captured us and can't wait to see our wedding photos. Photography was one of my priorities in the wedding planning process and I'm so happy with our choice.

Interesting Read
26 year old Zoe Romano is RUNNING the entire Tour de France course and will finish one day prior to the cyclists in Paris. Talk about hardcore.

So when you think you're in pain cranking out a training run, just imagine running a marathon and then some every day for 63 days. #ouch


missris said…
I LOVE your engagement photos! Can't wait to see the ones from the wedding :)
Your engagement photos turned out beautiful. I loved all of them!!!!

It is also hotter than heck in Spokane. I am totally into the shorty shorts right now too!
Leigh said…
It's hot here right now too....too hot! Your wedding is coming up so soon!
Amber said…
Oh it's SO HOT here right now too. It's kind of killing me. Cold showers are my saving grace. Can't believe how close your wedding is!!
Redhead Running said…
The e-pics are great!

The countdown is on!!! EEK!!!!!!
I somehow missed your facebook post with your engagement photos so I will go check them out! I am glad you got some taken! I am so excited for your big day - crazy it's just over a week away!

These days I am loving fresh fruit, trying new recipes, and the fact that I finally have a couple of new local friends! Oh and I am loving that I have a lot of trips to look forward to, one of which involves crossing the Atlantic ocean. :) I"m sure you can guess where I am going. ;)
I have to come back and comment again as I just went back and looked at your engagement photos and they are AMAZING. The photographer did such a great job of capturing you two and what your relationship is all about. You must be over the moon excited to be working with this person because if these photos are any indication of what is to come on your wedding day, you are going to hard a really hard time picking out which ones to develop! Love! And you look so beautiful in the photos by the way - and most importantly - so happy. :)
Anonymous said…
Love the photos!!!!
J said…
Love your engagement photos!! You guys look great and so happy!
I love pj shorts and the feeling of wet hair and being fresh and clean...you can't beat it!
Elizabeth said…
Those photos are AMAZING! The wedding ones will turn out just as beautiful! AMAZING! :)
Your photos are great! I especially love the one of you guys strolling through the grass near the vineyard; it is beautiful! I hope you have the best wedding ever!

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