On Getting Married

The process is pretty surreal. I think I've told you that before.

Little girls and eventually grown up ones, dream, talk, and read magazines about what their wedding day might be like. And with our girlfriends or our journals, we disclose what we're looking for in a soul mate, life partner, husband/wife. For essentially two and a half decades, I did that very same thing.

I never dreamed necessarily of what my wedding might be like because I knew it would be something my future husband and I would choose together. But I dreamed about the qualities I wanted to find in him.

By some small bit of luck, I managed to find the manfriend (well, he actually found me) who pretty much has almost every quality I was looking for. So, that's how we got to where we are today.

Wedding Planning
In the last few months, it's increasingly become more real that "hello, THIS is your wedding." While just one day, it's kind of a monumental day. It's weird to go to so many weddings and wedding related events to finally find yourself planning it all for you and your spouse.

Over the last year, I've moved from one school of thought to another in planning our wedding. At first, I wanted this perfectly manicured (but not stuffy) event. Then, I wanted this precisely executed, Pinterested, rustic barn wedding. And somewhere along the way, I settled on being happy with an outdoor, casual chic and a little rustic wedding.

While I did get some ideas from Pinterest, they haven't all been executed to a Martha Stewart quality. And that's okay. My type A self had to let go of the fact that it wouldn't all look perfectly coordinated. BUT it would be: a meaningful and personal event, pretty (It doesn't get much prettier than Bend, OR), FUN and well planned.

Buying vs. DIYing
About four months ago, I also came to the realization that I kind of dislike detailed crafting AND that for the most part, buying what I wanted was likely worth MORE to me than spending the agonizing hours attempting to make something turn out the way I wanted it. {Thank god for Etsy and Amazon.}

It's amazing how freeing it has been to just let go of some of my expectations. This has added a little more fun to the process and will likely lend me to be a bit more relaxed this Friday. Ultimately, I know things will go wrong on our big day, but it will be okay because we will get married, we will enjoy the food, and we will have a great time celebrating with friends and family.

 One of the few things we DIY'd - burlap table runners

The little talked about piece of this whole wedding. Especially in the last few weeks, Pete and I both have talked and thought a lot more about us as a married couple. While not a ton should change in our relationship, being married will feel slightly different.

Over the last year of being engaged, we've thought a lot more about how to maintain our relationship forever. Premarital counseling last winter also helped us prepare for the challenges ahead and learn how to communicate better on issues. I know it won't always be easy, but I'm ready and willing to work for it.

And finally, wedding planning and going to my bridal shower and bachelorette parties has overwhelmed me with the love and support of friends and family. At times, it's hard to imagine we deserve it, but it has been a good reminder on how great people are. Not to mention the fact that a number of people will be flying across country and staying in hotels just to be here with us!

On the running front: Somehow, I have still managed to get in two 40 mile weeks in a row. The manfriend is doing great on his marathon training and forces me to run faster when we do run together. I've also been caught running in a sports bra and shorts only lately with all the warm weather we've been having. Working on that ab confidence one run at a time...

I hope to pop in once more this week, but we'll see how things go! We have a few guests coming to town on Wednesday and then we head over to Bend on Thursday. If you want to follow on twitter or Instagram, I will likely be posting some photos and such leading up to Friday's wedding!

Have a great week! Tell me one thing you're looking forward to this week or month. 


Leigh said…
Ah can't what to see/hear how the wedding went! Remember to enjoy this week and don't let the little stuff stress you out :)
Elizabeth said…
YA!!! What a great post here. It's almost here--how exciting!! It sounds like you've settled into a great approach about the day and that the two of you are headed toward a great future together. Much love to you both this week/end! :) ENJOY!
J said…
Something I learned with wedding planning and now apply it to life, is that everything will turn out ok. No matter what it will all work and come together and be the best day it can be. Its easier to not stress or worry about, its easier to not let it consume your whole life. Its important to remember the reason for the day - marrying each other and sharing that day with everyone you love and care about. Thats what is important and I am glad I learned that while planning my wedding because it is even more important in life!
I am SO excited for you and the man friend. I know your wedding is going to be an amazing day. I wish I could be there, but I'll be thinking of you two all day on Friday. I can't wait to see pictures!!

This week I am looking forward to going out to dinner with someone I met down here who moved here from Minnesota 4 years ago. It'll be nice spending time with a fellow Minnesotan.
Tasha Malcolm said…
Loved this post Lauren. I am so excited for you and Pete and your upcoming special day. I remember when I just met you and the next day he proposed. It seems unreal that was just last year.

I can't wait to see pictures because I am sure that they day will be absolutely fabulous. Enjoy this week and don't sweat the small stuff. Everything will fall together.
I hope everything is perfect for you! I can't wait to hear about it!
Amber said…
It's a totally surreal thing. Such a big day that you put so much time, money and thought into and then it's over so suddenly. It really is the most amazing day ever though. I can't believe it's already been a year since my wedding! Thinking about you lots this week!
Luna said…
Is it here already (the big day)? Amazing!!Exciting!! Evviva!! ;)
Redhead Running said…
Enjoy every moment, can't wait to hear about them all!!!

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