Hello my lovelies! Things are going well so far. Friend A and I really got our sight seeing in over just a few days here in Rome before moving on to Florence, Italy today. It's crazy to see all the history here and buildings that are absolutely breathe taking.

Yesterday, we went to Sunday morning mass at the Vatican in St. Peter's Cathedral. It was absolutely amazing. When the organ began to play and the priest and others started walking forward it brought tears to my eyes and I'm not Catholic. It was just one of those moments. Then we headed to the Vatican museum to see the rest of the Vatican and the amazing painted ceilings and detail in all the construction.

After a quick rest it was on to the Colloseum. It was about a 45-60 min walk, but we did't mind. We stopped on the way for lunch at a cute little Italian place in a back alley/side street that I found recommended in my Lonely Planet guide book. Although the menu was all in Italian, we managed to pick out the ravioli and rigatoni and a half liter of red wine safely off the menu. "Fat and happy" as I like to say it, we moved on for a few more miles of walking in the sun to see the Colloseum. Then it was more sight seeing of old brick/rock structures, which all have a story behind them, and finally a walk home.

We arrived back at our "hotel" around 7pm for a short rest. After showering for the second time, we headed out for a Rick Steeve's recommended night tour of the Spanish Steps, Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. Oh and gelato only for dinner. We've had gelato both days so far. I kid you not, there are several gelato stores for every block in this city. And the other amazing thing is that people don't eat dinner here until at least 9pm. So when we went on our night walk and were roaming the streets at 11pm, it was packed and lively...on a Sunday night! Now that wouldn't happen in the U.S. Or at least not where I live. Oh and I can't fail to mention that we probably walked 11 miles yesterday, in my best estimate.

My friend A and I haven't figured out if the people of Rome ever actually work because they seem to stay out so late and therefore have to get up late, but it's a fun lifestyle to see. We're both ready for our journey to Florence today. I've heard it's gorgeous. Stay tuned for the next report and a few guest bloggers!


Anonymous said…
haha maybe they don't work and thats the "key" to the Mediterranean diet (aka lifestyle!) ;)

sounds like so much fun already!! can't wait to hear about more explorations!
Amber said…
It sounds like everything is going fabulously for you!!

That's what I noticed when I was in Germany last summer, people are alwwayys on the street, and they eat dinner so late! Must be the European culture!

I hope you're taking lots of pics :-)
Sounds like your trip is off to a fabulous start! The great thing about trips to Europe is that you do so much walking, you can eat whatever you want & you'll come back and probably still weigh less than you did when you left!

Yes, the Europeans definitely eat their meals late! It's so different from the US.

Safe Travels!
Shoshanah said…
I went to Italy a few years ago (ok, now that I think about it, it was almost 10 years ago but it doesn't feel that long ago). The only Italian I remember is stracciatella, aka chocolate chip gelato. Please have some for me while you're there! Hope the rest of your trip is amazing!

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