The calm before the storm?

I've had this amazing calm over me the past few days that has spread to all areas of my life. I'm taking each day at a time, writing to do lists and actually checking a few things off, finishing books I checked out of the library and eating healthy without the usual stress-induced frenzy I put myself in. Maybe this has something to do with starting a new year?

I haven't defined my resolutions, but over the last few months I have taken a good look at the things in my life that have stressed me out in the past and have tried to eliminate those to the best of my ability. In addition, I'm hoping I can take 2008 on as the year I let myself be just a little more spontaneous and say yes when I would usually say no. That said, I am often a "yes" kinda girl, just saying "yes, ok, or sure" to please others and not really caring if it's what I really want. Well guess what, not in 2008. I'm saying yes to things that sound interesting and that I want to do, even if they make me a little uncomfortable.

My friend C and I have even been planning (and sort of training) to run this 1/2 marathon that is coming up on Sunday and I'm not really freaking out about it. Usually, I'm crazy anal taper woman come race week. But I decided to relax and not try to get a PR this race, just run it for fun. What a novel idea. So, C and I are going to run side by side, sweating our buns off and probably joking and laughing for 13 miles in the freezing cold. Last year it was 26 degrees on race day and the men with beards or staches had icicles hanging from their faces. This year the weather boasts 40 degree temperatures and maybe even some sun. We'll see...all that matters is that we make it to the end so we get our helpings of soup and bread. Yum!


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