Marathon Training: Week 11

So, the week after Peterson Ridge Rumble was both a recovery week and my highest mileage week, clocking 49 miles of total training. Getting the legs back in regular working condition was harder than I remembered. I guess it's rare that I've done multiple races close together in a training cycle. Alas, I felt sluggish most of the week, so here goes!

Monday - 1.5 mile walk // My legs weren't as bad on Monday when I woke up as they were on Sunday after the race, so I was thankful for that. Because we stayed in Sisters an extra night, we spent that day in Bend getting coffee, taking H to the kids section of the public library, going to a playground and grabbing lunch. It was nice to hang out in Bend, but keeping things low key.

Tuesday - 3 easy miles @ 9:54 avg // I purposely kept this run really easy to help the legs get back up to speed.

"Enjoying"  the cold bath at ReCharge

*My boss got me a gift certificate to 10 passes at ReCharge where you can use the compression boots, ice bath, infrared sauna and foam rolling tools. This afternoon I had a babysitter come in the afternoon so I could get a little recovery in.

Wednesday - 8.25 miles split up in 2 runs, 9:30 avg // Wednesdays I help lead the stroller run from the store, but also had 8 miles on my schedule, so needed to run a shorter run first thing in the morning prior to the stroller run. Again, I just kept these runs nice and easy.

Thursday - 7 miles, speed workout: 3 x 1200m/800m repeats @ tempo-5K pace (splits: 5:28, 3:28, 5:30, 3:37, 5:31, 3:21) // The rest of our team was assigned The Michigan workout, but because of the race, coach suggested the two of us who did Peterson Ridge, do shorter speed work to try to help flush out any residual soreness and not add too much load. It's always weird not running the same intervals that everyone else is, but it was still nice to be on the track with familiar faces.

Friday - 5.2 miles @ 10:11 avg // My legs were clearly still not recovered from the race + took a beating from the previous nights' speed work.

Saturday - 5.4 miles @ 9:00 avg // Because my legs still needed the recovery time and Pete worked on Saturday, my long run was moved to Sunday. In order to get all my miles in this week, there were a lot of early mornings, even through the weekend.

While I like mornings, I wouldn't mind another hour of sleep. ;) But I also LOVE running through town with almost zero cars on the road.

I took every opportunity on this run to notice all the tulips.

Easter Sunday - 20 miles @ 9:15 avg // Welp, this wasn't my best planning ever. Ahem, Easter Sunday. I sort of spaced the fact that I had to do 20 miles AND go to family brunch an hour a way that morning. So, I was up and pounding the pavement by 6:00 a.m. Off!

But again, the streets were quiet and I felt pretty good considering I was running 20 miles that morning. I'll admit that 9:15's felt a lot harder than I would have liked, but I'm reminding myself that those miles were also done on pretty tired legs.

What else? 
As we're now only four days a matter of hours (!) from the Eugene Marathon, I'm trusting that this week of high mileage on tired legs is going to help me out on race day.

Last week, my phone reminded me that five years ago on April 29, the manfriend got down on one knee at the end of the Eugene Marathon course. It was my best marathon ever and I missed my BQ by 33 seconds, but it was all okay in the end.

I'm just hoping that I feel nearly as strong as I did during that race. I remember the first half feeling easy at my goal pace. I purposely held back even when I felt like I could go faster, until the halfway point, at which I started picking up the pace and passing people.

Around mile 20 it started really hurting and my brain got fuzzy so I sort of let that BQ dream go, but kept running. And when I hit mile 23, my friend Chris was there waiting for me (not planned out) and he ran me to the finish. I stuck as close as I could to him and without him, I honestly would have just jogged those last few miles in.

Mile 24-25

And finally, finishing on Hayward Field.

Exhaustion. Disappointment. Confusion. Proposal. YES.

So while I know Sunday's story won't be anything like 2012, I hope to feel strong and remember that girl. 2012 was a BIG mileage year. I raced a lot and ran fast that year. Someday, I'll find my way back to her, but right now, I'm happy with being strong and fit enough to run a marathon.

Okay, g'night, sleep tight! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend! 

Let's just say we are experiencing what I hope life with a two year old is not always about. Tantrum city over here. Pray for us. Mama and daddy are tired. ;) 


I'm so behind on blogs so I know you've already ran a successful marathon! Congrats, lady! I hope you feel nothing but pride about what you accomplished. Just remember that every season of life is different and you can't focus on everything all the time! So right now, your focus is your family. Some day it might shift back to running/training but I am sure you will look back on this time of your life and be thankful you focused on Pete and Henry! I was just talking about this topic with a friend and her husband recently because her husband isn't loving his job and he knows he could probably make more money and feel more challenged in a different role. But... he has work life balance and his company lets him go to doctors appts (my friend is expecting twins in June and they have a little boy turning 2!!!). So right now, his career can't be his hustle because his family is. The same mind frame applies to you and marathon training. I know you don't need me to tell you this because you are a smart lady with your priorities in line. I just know it can be hard to think back to how you used to run and accept that it's different from what you can do right now!

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