Marathon Training: Week 8

Week 8 marks the highest mileage so far during this training cycle -- 44 miles! My biggest mileage weeks are somewhere in the 50-55 mile range, so we're getting up there. Overall, I'm feeling good, but I still need to work at settling into that goal race pace for the marathon.

Monday - 6 miles @ 9:37 avg // I don't remember anything special about this run. Just kept it easy.

Tuesday - 7.3 miles @ Team workout: warm up, 5 x 1 mi @ goal race pace (8:35), cool down // The goal here was really to keep it close to our actual goal race pace. It is always a struggle to do that, but I was close(ish). Mile splits: 8:18, 8:18, 8:30, 8:18, 8:05. I guess my legs like 8:18's?

Wednesday - 4.85 stroller miles // This run felt a bit like intervals. I was trying to keep up with some speedy ladies and then had to stop a number of times to keep the little man happy (cover him back up with the blanket, tell him he couldn't get out just yet, etc.). Most days he's pretty happy in the stroller, but on this day he was over it by mile two.

Thursday - 8.2 miles @ 8:51 avg // Watching the sun come up and running eight miles on a clear morning. Ah, this is spring.

Friday - Rest day + 15 min weights // I worked all day at the running store and even got in a short lunchtime walk. Meanwhile, my little brother (who's on spring break) watched Henry.

H loves pretending to drive any vehicle. 

Saturday - Long run, 17.6 miles @ 9:30 avg // H man woke up early (6:00 a.m. I think), which is actually pretty normal these days, but still. Anyway, I was cranky from being tired. But, I knew that once I got going things would be fine. I no longer fear long runs like I once did. I suppose after you've done 100+ of them it doesn't seem like such a daunting task.

Pete did his long run all on trails, while I focused mostly on road with just four miles of trail thrown in near the beginning (because it makes me happy).

By the time I finished back at the car, clocking 17.6 miles, I was pretty tired. Not wrecked, but once I stopped running I could feel all these things I hadn't noticed before -- my right hip and knee and my left foot. 

Because we hadn't run together and my mom was at home with the little guy, we decided to refuel at Vero Espresso for our date portion of the morning. Necessary: coffee, carbs and more carbs. We ordered a blueberry muffin while we waited for our Challah French toast, bacon and eggs.

Sunday - Rest day, Foam rolling class // I didn't have to work, so it was nice to be able to make it the foam rolling class @ Sweaty Ganesh and enjoy some family time.

We even met up with some friends at a brewery and let the kids enjoy the play area while we had a beer. Unfortunately, Henry decided to push his little friend over several times. I know he's just testing the limits, but it's frustrating when your kid is the bully and timeouts or telling them no or that it's not nice doesn't work.

What else?
It's now just a week until the Peterson Ridge Rumble and it looks like rain is in the forecast. I've run this race twice now and never had to deal with rain or snow. I'm really crossing my fingers we don't end up running 20 miles in the rain because that wouldn't be very fun and the views likely won't be as pretty.

And, we're spending an extra night in Central Oregon, so I'm really hoping we get a few hours to sit outdoors in the sun enjoying some good food, beer and the Deschutes River.

Alrighty, time to settle in with a hot cup of tea and Netflix before sleep! What's your favorite morning or evening ritual? 


Great job on another strong week of training! I love that you guys make your long runs a date morning. Your post-run meal sounded amazing! I hope that the weather is good for your race as running in the rain is NOT fun, especially when it precludes what would be a beautiful view!

Bummer about Henry pushing his little friend over. I know that's part of the development process, but it's not fun to deal with. My friend had a problem with her daughter BITING people at daycare! Yikes! So it could be worse!
Amber said…
You are rocking your marathon training! Is Pete training for the same race as you?? Super fun you could have a long run / breakfast date even if you didn't actually do your run together. I definitely miss running with Eric, neither of us really runs at all these days and with Eric's shifts at work he only gets one weekend off every three so it's pretty hard to run together!
It looks like your training plan is very solid!! I also love your muffin + french toast carb combo!

Have fun at Peterson Ridge! I run there when I go to Sisters each summer, although in the summer it can be very dry and hot and dusty! I hope that for you it's a bit cooler. The views are great; I love looking at the three sisters!

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