Marathon Training: Week 6

Monday - 4.8 miles @ 9:29 avg in wet snowy mix // This run wasn't nearly as pretty as Sunday's snowy trail run, but in Oregon it's still fun to see snow. I met a friend for 3.5 miles and then slogged it out a bit longer with the snow hitting my face until I just called it a day.

Tuesday - 7.5 mile team workout: warm up, 1.25mi @ race pace, 5 x 400m at threshold, 1.25 mi @ race pace, 5 x 400m at threshold, cool down // I'm trying to do more to focus on what the pace feels like than look at my watch because that's been throwing me off. It's always fun to run with others your pace!

Taste the rainbow.

Above: Not necessarily running related, but I make this soup about every other week these days. I like that it's easy to make, nutritious, filling, and Henry likes it. And I really like when I make something that can last us for several days as leftovers.

Wednesday - 4 mile stroller run @ 8:49 avg + 40 min weights & core // It was a rainy run. As for strength work, I fit it in during nap time. It's not necessarily fun, but I know it will help me be a stronger runner and help to fight fatigue in those last miles of my races.

Thursday - Functional Strength class at ReCharge, 1 hr // Was supposed to run today, but I wanted to try this class (@ 6:15 a.m.) and Henry and I ended up going to Portland to meet my new baby nephew George who was born on Wednesday.

Friday - 4 miles @ 9:52 avg // For some reason, I can't remember anything about this run, but I do know it was just an easy neighborhood slog while listening to The Lively Show podcast.

Saturday - 10 mile course preview run w/ pace work @ 8:51 avg + foam rolling // I met the team and some others who wanted to join the Eugene Marathon preview run for a rainy long run. The goal: 3 miles easy, 5 miles @ race pace (8:35 avg), 2 miles easy. My easy miles were faster than prescribed and my fast miles were slightly slower, but pretty close. Also, this run left me a lot more sore than I would have expected, but fun to run with others. I need to work on running by feel more and caring about my watch less.

A bonus to doing the official preview run? Some of Lane Community College's massage students were there afterward giving out free 15 minute massages! My glutes and hamstrings were oh so thankful. 

Sunday - 30 min gentle recovery yoga/stretching + foam rolling

What else? 
The theme for this week was clearly that I need to start running more by feel and not get so worried about the watch. Working on that...

I'm also trying not to get too worried about the fact that I'm essentially training for two very different races. One more casual by nature (trail running is always more laid back and I haven't done much trail running lately) and one hopefully, more aggressive 26.2 mi on the pavement.

Okay, the little guy is napping, so I better get some work done! Happy St. Patty's Day! Any fun plans for your weekend?


I need to make that soup! Amber has mentioned it as well. It sounds so good and healthy! And it's nice that Henry will eat it.

Congrats on being an aunt - how exciting!!

Our weekend is sorta busy. Last night we had Phil's mom over for dinner. I made fish tacos which were good - especially the slaw that went on them (had red cabbage, cilantro and mango). This morning I went to barre class with a friend and then we grabbed breakfast afterwards and swung by a new French bakery for a macaron. Later today we have a couple's baby shower and then are hanging out with a couple that will also be at the shower! Tomorrow is less planned thank God!! I just have a personal training session in the morning and then I might go to barre in the afternoon if I'm not too sore!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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