Dear Henry: three months

As usual, this is a little late, but better late than never! Henry is now almost 15 weeks old. And yes, it's hard to keep track of the weeks once you hit three months, but it still seems necessary.

Dear Henry,

Three months! You are officially not a newborn anymore, although let's be serious, after about eight weeks I don't think I considered you a newborn any longer. Everyone tells me you look like a "mini Pete", which I can understand, but you definitely have your mama's blue-green eyes.

At just over two months, you took your first trip to the cabin where you met great grandparents Jean and Art and got to dip your toes in the Puget Sound. Grandpa Art reminded me you are the sixth generation to use our family property on the sound. I was already imagining you up there in a few years from now playing on the raft with your cousins and rowing the little dingy around in the water. So much fun to come.

All that time on your tummy is helping because your neck is getting stronger and you have even rolled from your tummy to your back a few times. Although, after you did it a few times at the beginning of this month, you've yet to do it again. I think you're focused on other things right now.

Your dad told me one night while watching you sleep that he doesn't want you to get any bigger. And I can't lie, you seem pretty perfect as you are. But I also can't wait to see your little personality as you begin to really move, talk, and laugh.

You are really discovering your voice and sometimes we can't tell if it's a scream of joy or sadness because of the way it comes out. It feels like you really woke up this month and are telling us what you like and dislike.

Highlights this month
  • all of your "talking"
  • starting to hold on to toys
  • putting your hands and fingers together and really staring at them
  • looking at mom and dad like you really know who we are (and you think we're pretty awesome)

Likes: "walking" up mom (apparently I make a good jungle gym), looking all directions to make sure you're not missing anything, kicking the toys on the play mat, "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" song, reading books

Dislikes: being put down when you're tired or hungry, having your diaper changed in the middle of the night

Wearing: 3 month (just barely) and 6 month clothes. It's been so nice to have a summer baby and only have to dress you in onesies, but it's starting to get chilly where we need to put pants and socks on you some days.

I LOVE your long legs, feet and fingers.

I will say that while this is a really fun stage, we are entering sleep training, which has already proven to be challenging. There's so much time and patience needed to get you in a routine and I feel like we're flying by the seat of our pants regardless of how many books I read about the topic. But we'll persist because I know that getting you to be able to fall sleep on your own will be highly beneficial for all of us in the long run.

Lots of love,


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Aw, he is so cute! He looks sooooo long in these photos! He definitely got his daddy's height! I'm glad he has your eyes, though, as you have such pretty eyes!

I hope you guys get a handle on sleep training soon!
Leigh said…
Happy three months Henry! I love the third picture of cute! What are you doing for sleep training? I'm here if you ever need help!
Amber said…
Wow 3 months already! Time flies! He is so cute and looks so smiley and happy! Good luck with sleep training.
Jessica Jarrell said…
Adorable pictures! I love the one of him laughing, just precious! :)

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