Henry's First Trip to the Cabin

Let's catch up a bit...

A few weeks ago my mom and I made the trek up to the Puget Sound to my grandparents' cabin for a little visit. Myself and many others in our family have been visiting the cabin every summer since we were born and Henry was the sixth generation of our family to use the property (my grandfather's grandparents purchased the land). 

The manfriend recently started a new job, so he wasn't able to make the trip, but we still had a great visit. Not only was it Henry's first time at the cabin, but it was his first time meeting great grandparents Jean and Art. 

While we were there, I made sure we did all the cabin requirements, including...

walks to the ferry dock.

time spent lounging on the deck.

He just started rolling from his tummy to his side

enjoying a little beach time.

incredible sunsets.

serious naps.

He took two, 3 hour wrap naps while we were there!

grandpa's berry pancakes (okay, I had those).

and quality family time. 

While it wasn't easy taking a 10-week-old on a long car trip and caring for him without some of our usual stuff and in the heat, I'm glad we did it. I got a lot of good walks in while trying to get him to sleep and soaked in the peaceful mornings and incredible sunsets. It was definitely nice to have my mom there as I needed the extra set of hands at times.

On a related note, I can hardly believe that summer is almost over. Perhaps that's because I had a baby at the beginning of summer and my legs have just started to get sun-kissed. But because we likely have another good month of summer weather here, I'm ignoring everyone's comments of summer being over. After all, I still have a summer bucket list to check off.

Best thing you've done this summer? Favorite casual thing to do for a date night (in or out)?*

*I'm trying to brainstorm some easy date night ideas that the manfriend and I could enjoy after the little guy is asleep for the night (like Netflix + takeout or a board game + ice cream). Eventually, we'll get back to actually going out on dates, but for now that isn't likely to happen. 


I love all pictures of Henry! I can see how he sleeps extra long when he does wrap naps - I am sure he loved being snuggled up close to his momma! That is awesome that this cabin has been in your family for so long!! What a great place to go to - I'm glad you guys were able to get there this summer and I am sure your grandparents were very happy to have Henry there!

Oh and the best things I've done this summer is go swimming with Phil and have some of our meals outdoors. I feel like we haven't done much this summer because it's just felt so busy with all the training I've done and starting a new job... and it feels pretty fall-like here lately so I hope the weather warms up soon because I am not ready for fall yet! And for date nights, we do a lot of nights in. We make dinner and usually play a board game of some sort of find something we both will enjoy on Netflix or Redbox.
Leigh said…
What a gorgeous sunset! I agree, it's definitely not easy to go away with a baby and all your usual stuff, but it can be done with help. Congrats to Pete on the new job! What is he doing?
Amber said…
Henry looks sooo comfy all cozied up in his wrap. My coworker wears her little guy everywhere and he is super content just sleeping on her in her wrap or tula!

That is so so cool that Henry is the sixth generation in your family to visit the cabin! How special is that. Looks like all the extra work of getting there with Henry was totally worth it to have some special time with family. How much fun is he going to have growing up there and playing in the ocean with his future siblings!

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