Week in Workouts

Wahoo, I'm back at it! Last week was a good one. I took another two weeks off from exercise to let things continue to heal, but fingers crossed I think my body's ready to jump back into a variety of activities now.

Monday - 1 hr stroller walk trying to get Henry to nap @ the cabin

Tuesday - 15 min run/walk (alternating running and walking)

Wednesday - 45 min walk w/ stroller

Thursday - nothing formal

Friday - nothing formal

Saturday - 20 min run/walk (alternating :30 run/:30 walk) + 45 min Ridgeline hike w/ baby

Sunday - 2 hour Ridgeline hike w/ baby + friends (This may have been pushing it a bit, but it was nice to get out and get some exercise while catching up with girlfriends. Plus, Henry got a decent nap in at the same time.)

Thoughts on my fitness
While it feels mentally so good to be able to get my heart really pounding and feel my lungs burning, I also noticed a decent dose of exhaustion with the addition of the exercise. I need to make sure I keep it in check so I don't run myself down for the sake of a few workouts.

It's been a long time since I've felt the post workout burn a few days later. I can honestly say I felt those hikes and my little run on Saturday 3 days later.

I'm going to continue fitting in short runs, gradually upping the run duration and the total time and see how things go. And as I do that, I need to remember to make sure to add a hefty dose of stretching on the side so I keep any injuries at bay.

Speaking of stretching... I think that's one area I'm a little scared of. I know how long I worked at improving my yoga strength and flexibility and how gradual the gains happened that I'm afraid to see where I'm starting at.

Frankly, it feels like I'm very much back at square one: tight hips, weak core, little flexibility. While I know HOW to do certain poses, it's going to take a while to convince the body it's ready to get into them. We'll see... slow and steady wins the race! Part of me thinks I may just need to commit to a weekly yoga class to make it happen.

Have you ever taken a serious break from something and had to jump back in? What helped you do it? Happy Friday!


Amber said…
Whoo hoo! So glad to hear you are all healed and able to get back into working out again now! I'm not surprised you felt sore for a few days afterwards but just know you will get your fitness back quickly!! You should check and see if they have any baby barre classes near where you are, my coworker has been teaching them here while on maternity leave and it's a barre class where you wear your baby in a carrier! I think you'd like it :)
I'm glad you've been able to get back at it! In a way, I bet it is nice to feel that 2nd or 3rd day soreness! As you know, I had to take a long break from running and it was tough to get back into it but I tried my best to be patient with myself and gave myself to take more rest days than I normally would. Good for you for listening to your body, though, and easing up if you are feeling more exhausted than usual. I think that taking a weekly yoga class sounds like a great idea!!
Jessica Jarrell said…
I'm glad you are back to working out, it also helps my mind too. My back has been feeling so good since we got the new bed that I've been upping my running too. It feels good to get back to it :) Hope you have an awesome weekend Lauren!
Jenny said…
I hope you find a good yoga class to go to. Its great that post natal yoga and crèche's are more common now :)

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