Week in Workouts

My first full week of workouts was exciting if anything. After six weeks of only walking (and taking care of the bambino of course) I was finally doing something different! But that was short lived as my body made it clear I wasn't quite ready to return to all the fun. So, I'm back to walking, a little yoga stretching (downward dog does wonders for an aching baby-carrying back), and maybe a little upper body strength work for now.

Monday - 25 min strength training + a little deep core work for that diastasis recti

Tuesday - 20 min late night yoga

Wednesday - 20 min a.m. run/walk + p.m. mama yoga!

Thursday - Hendricks hills for 50 min (walking the hilly loop the speed group was running repeats on while pushing the stroller) Let's just say, running UP hills is going to be serious work when the time comes.

Friday - 45 min barre strength via The Fitnessista + yoga flow while Henry napped + 1 hr walk at Dorris Ranch with the manfriend and the little guy

Saturday - 45 min stroller walk + coffee & cinnamon sugar donut at the Farmer's Market (not necessarily part of my workouts, but felt luxurious and like my pre-mama life)

Sunday -  45 min stroller walk downtown

If nothing else, it was fun to do something different for a week and I know I'll be back to it all eventually. It's a good reminder that this whole having a baby thing is a serious stress on the body and I've got to give mine a little more time to heal. My plan is to take another two weeks off and then try just run/walking very briefly and not incorporating lower body strength or much of anything that engages the pelvic floor at that time. We'll see...

What's been your most exciting or challenging workout lately? What's on deck for your weekend?

I'm not gonna lie, I'm really looking forward to being able to hop back into a bootcamp style, challenging yoga flow, or Barre3 class in the future.

We are heading to Central Oregon to meet my parents to go camping for a night. It's going to be a fun test to see how challenging (or manageable) camping with a newborn is. I'm already packing and bringing about twice the amount of outfits I think he should need (because babies spit up and pee/poo on everything). Oh, and it's going to be in the mid 90's... #overthisheatwave


Leigh said…
Glad you are listening to your body and giving it a bit more time to heal :) You still managed to fit in a bunch of workouts last week! I know how hard it can be. Hope camping goes well this weekend!
It's so hard to listen to your body sometimes when you are soooo ready to get back to your normal activity level, but it's so important to listen to your body. I hope that you are able to return to running soon but in the mean time I am glad you've got some other more low impact/gentle activities that will help you stay active.

My toughest workouts lately have been running in heat/humidity. I forgot how much harder it is to run in heat and humidity. It's been pretty frustrating as my pace is so much slower and it makes me wonder if I will achieve my sub-4 hour goal for the marathon but I'm trying to be patient with myself. The humidity did break here this week so hopefully our long run is level hot and steamy tomorrow morning.

Have fun camping - I hope it goes ok with Henry!!
Raina said…
I hope you have a fun time camping! I think camping with a newborn, or travelling, is much easier than a toddler. You'll have fun and so will the grandparents.
Those strollers are a huge uphill workout. No doubt! I'm glad to see you are finding your fitness and also listening to your body.
Jessica Jarrell said…
I'm feeling the same way about getting back into running. The other day I did 3 miles, with me running half a mile, then walking a quarter, then running half a mile... so on and so forth. It did not feel good, and now my back is totally sore. It's frustrating trying to get back what you've lost. I'll be walking and doing yoga for a while now too.

Hope the camping with the newborn went well and wasn't too challenging. Have a great weekend! :)
Danuta said…
It was hard for me to accept that the level of exercize I was used to pre baby cannot be matched for a while.
With post partum body I noticed that my lungs suffered the most - I could not get in the rythm and my breathing was all out of whack.
I read about making realistic goals so you are not dissapointed - like ones a week, then twice a week, then three times etc. Scaling down on expectations helped not to feel dissapointed. Lack of energy from sleepless nights and going back to work has a big toll on my running but I enjoy it when I do it!

Amber said…
I think that's smart to listen to your body and take it easy for a bit longer. You certainly LOOK amazing anyways so taking care of the bambino is doing good things for you!! Hope camping went well, judging by the photos I saw on Facebook it did!
Great job getting back out there! I have never had a baby, but I have had an injury and I know how it is when you want to RUN but you need to rest. It's frustrating, but in the end the best thing is to listen to your body. You will be back into the bootcamp/high intensity workouts before you know it! Have fun in Central Oregon and take advantage of the heat by swimming in a nice cold river!!

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