The Third Trimester: Week 37

The countdown to baby continues. At this point, Baby Moe is full term and could come any time, although on average, first babies do come late.

Week 37

How I'm feeling: I'm becoming less and less able to bend with this bump in the way. I've been using the coffee table or the manfriend to assist in my shoe tying these days.  

I've been saying this for  the last few weeks, but I'm just feeling BIG these days. Strangers especially are saying things about me being big or ready to pop, which is both interesting and annoying. At the end of this week, I felt some Braxton Hicks contractions at night, but nothing that lasted too long.

Also, it was hot over Eugene Marathon weekend (mid 70s) and I was just thinking how thankful I was that I wouldn't have to endure 3-4 months of warm temps with this little furnace strapped to me.

Baby: is the size of a winter melon (~18.9 to 20.9 inches, 6.2 to 9.2 pounds) and still kicking like crazy. My appointments are weekly now and baby remains head down and is positioned low, which is good.

Weight gained:  28 lb.

Exercise: walking waddling, yoga, and weights

I started really ramping up my walking this week taking any chance I could to walk an extra 30 minutes here or there.

What I'm wearing: Thank goodness for my maternity skinny jeans from Motherhood Maternity. Nothing else really feels just quite as comfy on my belly or legs like these jeans.

Baby preparations: This week I started getting a little antsy, feeling as though I had done everything I could possibly do. So, I vacuumed and mopped the house again and organized a few drawers in our kitchen to make room for baby bottles and such.

We had our last birth class, where we went through a practice run through of how a birth might go and then focused on the postpartum period.

Craving: sushi and wine (and specifically, fun wine outings like visiting the local tasting rooms w/ friends on a sunny weekend in wine country)

Random: wedding ring still fits. I just expected this to be nowhere near possible at this point. We've been watching a ton of Netflix lately in the evenings, mainly Anthony Bourdain's Layover show or House Hunters International.

Have any good Netflix suggestions (movies or shows)? Best meal you've made recently?

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missris said…
I've been working my way through Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and I really liked Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt :)
Brendel said…
Love reading this! You are getting so close! Fixer Upper is a great one on Hgtv:) Start with season one episode one. Great couple with amazing fixes!!
You are getting so close! I think you look cute but I can see how comments from strangers about how big you are or how it must be time to have the baby would get annoying fast!

We have also been watching The Layover. On my own I've been working through The Gilmore Girls. Other than that, we aren't really loving anything. A show that we loved watching was House of Cards, though, so maybe check it out if you haven't watched it.
Elizabeth said…
Adorable as always! So glad that baby is already positioned ready to go. I can imagine you're ready too :) Continuing to be impressed by all you're getting done. And just think in a month's time, you can take lil Moe on a wine tour should you desire!
Leigh said…
You look fabulous and like only your belly grew! Have you watched parenthood? We are on the last season and we loved it!
Amber said…
You're so close!! I have been anxiously checking your instagram and facebook for an update :)

My last two netflix obsessions were Suits and Friday Night Lights! Both are so good!

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