Mini Dates

I have a feeling our future is going to be riddled with mini dates (i.e. nights where we maybe have one hour or so to do something fun outside the house, with or without baby). Anywho, lately it seems the manfriend and I have been trying to do our share of mini dates before the mini Moe comes to town.

Dessert @ Sweet Life

Banana cake w/ berry filling for her. Cream puff for him. Decaf for both.

While it would be much cheaper to grab ice cream from the grocery store or make something at home, getting out and about forces us to just chat (not stare at a screen) and do a little people watching.


At 38 39 weeks pregnant, we are still trying to get out and hike even for a few miles on The Ridgeline Trail or at Mt Pisgah. It's a good reminder that stepping out your door and heading even 15 minutes away can feel like a bit of serenity. Hiking doesn't require a huge road trip or hours of driving and it will be fun to do when we can plop Baby Moe in the Ergo and go.

Beer (or kombucha)!

Even though I'm not drinking right now, it's fun to be out and about among people socializing and having a good time. And a little bubbly kombucha makes it feel a little more special than sipping on a water or iced tea for me.

Coffee on a Saturday Morning

There's just something about slowly sipping a fancy cup of joe that makes it more exciting than in your living room, ya know? Plus, getting out of your PJs to get fancy cup is worth it (to me anyway).

Bike Dates

While this one is harder to do with a child, it is easily achievable with the help of a grandparent or babysitter. Plus, a bike date can be just that (an easy spin down the bike path with a few stops for chatting or sitting) or it could be a commute downtown for a fun drink.

Trying a New Restaurant

Last weekend we tried out an Indian restaurant for the spice-wary manfriend! While he couldn't eat everything on the menu, he did enjoy a new experience. And even if you've been to the place before, but it's been a while or you try something you wouldn't normally order, that can make it feel like new.

Dog Walks

These have a multipurpose benefit: it gets all three of us out in the fresh air, allows us a chance to chat, and calms the dog down when she's antsy pantsy. Lately, she's required at least two, if not three walks per day. I think she can tell something is about to change in her world!

Do you have any good mini date ideas or favorites to share? 


Fun! These are all great ideas! You are so lucky that you have so many hiking options so close to where you live. That definitely not the case for us unfortunately. But I do want to make a point to go to more state parks in the area this summer because even though they don't offer challenging hikes, it's still a pretty area to check out!

Some of my favorite 'date nights' with Phil are going for a run and grilling together, going to the driving range together, or going for a walk and getting ice cream along the way. Basically I like doing anything that gets us moving and outdoors! We do also like to check out new restaurants, too. I'm trying to talk him into buying a bike so we can go on biking dates as there are lots of cute places we could bike to in both of our neighborhoods, especially his.
Amber said…
I'm so glad you are getting in as much time as a couple as possible!! That's the thing I hear time and time again from friends who have had babies. I think having lived with Eric for 5 or 6 years now and being married for almost 3 I definitely take for granted a bit our alone time and one-on-one time. For mini dates we love getting takeout and watching a movie! I also love going for hikes or walks with him and Chloe.

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