Week in Workouts

The last few weeks I've decided to play it a little smarter in terms of listening to my bod and not just running or working out because my ego tells me I should. So, I made a rule that I can't run two days in a row unless a really perfect opportunity comes up (running with a friend or in a cool location) or I'm feeling awesome.

So without further ado, last week's workouts:

Monday - 30 min barre strength {as part of winter shape up}

Tuesday - 2.6 a.m. miles in the pouring rain - there's something about an early morning run that just makes the day a million times better, no matter the weather!

Wednesday - 20 min HIIT workout + 15 min upper body strength - so hard after HIIT! 

Thursday - lower body leg burner, 2 rounds + 4 mile lunch run

Friday - power yogaglo flow {w/ focus on core + upper back opening}

Saturday - power yoga + 30 min walk with the dog

Sunday - 5 mile run {with only a few stops to walk}

Tank - Old Navy (sized up), Shorts - Oiselle rogas, Shoes - Brooks Ravenna

+ A few weeks ago, I thought I was totally losing my push up strength to the pregnancy, but I'm happy to say I pushed through and feel like I'm back! No, I can't do the 10-15 in a row straight push ups from my toes that I used to do, but I can still do ~5 before modifying.

+ Sunday's run felt kind of magical because I ran 20 min with friends at run group before I opted to walk. These days, that is a rarity, so it felt great to just keep going rather than having to stop every few minutes to walk. Thank you, pelvis, for not being cranky with me.

What was your best (or favorite) workout in the last week or so?  


Way to go on the push-ups. I am such a wimps that I can pretty much only do 1-2 real push-ups!

Your belly has definitely popped lately! I've glad you've been feeling good and have found the right mix of workouts that work for you!
Nice job on the runs! I am proud of you for getting any running done AND for listening to your body and not trying to push through even when it's uncomfortable.

Your belly really has grown! It's so cute!
Amber said…
Great job on your workouts! honestly as an outside observer it's certainly not obvious that you are cutting back on the workouts. You are still moving your body LOTS! The barre workouts will be great for preparing your hips/pelvis area for labour too :)

My favourite workout last week was probably my 20km run in the sunshine on Sunday! I was majorly dreading the run but 20km flew by and the weather was so beautiful, I loved it!

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