Keeping your Favorite Runner Warm this Winter

Sorry I've been MIA this past week! The last two weeks of school have been a doozy. But the end is in sight {thank goodness}. I had a presentation and a few projects due this week and then I have three finals next week. Ugh.

First thing's first: this time of year really is one of the best. Yes, I LOVE the sunshine and frolicking outside 24/7, but that little extra feeling of cheer everyone seems to have this time of year is simply refreshing.

And enjoying Trader Joe's spiced cider {while wearing snowman socks} isn't so bad either...

I don't know about you, but as it gets colder, I find myself realizing that "Oh, I really wish I had X or Y to keep me warmer." Granted, we have few days that I might need to wear some of these items, but there are definitely times in December and January that will get pretty frigid around here.

Here are a few things I came up with that may just strike your fancy and end up on your Christmas list (or a shopping list for your endorphin-loving friend or family member).

Running Mittens - When it gets really cold, finger gloves just won't cut it anymore. That's when mittens are where it's at. Because your fingers are cozy together, they keep in a lot more heat than gloves do. I found these North Face Runners at REI that look decent. Plus, if you're a member, you'll earn dividend on your purchase. 

And for fashion and function, I really like these cute Thinsulate mittens that Ashley of (Never) homemaker featured recently.

Neck Gaiter - This is one of those items that could work multi purpose for running, cycling, skiing, and practically any outdoor adventure. The nice thing about a gaiter is that it stays close to your neck blocks the wind on those days you don't pull on a full running jacket or high-neck top. This SmartWool gaiter has a few fun patterns and looks a bit thicker with its double layers.

Good Socks - It may sound like a pretty boring gift to give someone, but honestly, any runner or cyclist will appreciate good socks. Plus, at $10-15 per pair, they aren't something easy to treat yourself to. A few sock brands I love or have hear good things about are: BalegaThorlo Experias, and Feetures. And while they may seem a tad expensive for socks, they last a long time. I still wear fancy running socks that I bought five years ago.

Cozy Vest - Okay, so this may lie more on the fashion and comfort side than the functional aspect of running or outdoors-ing, but with the popularity of vests and the amount of warmth and comfort they provide, don't underestimate the power of the vest. A few cute options for your post-run latte: Patagonia nano puffPatagonia Better Sweater Fleece VestOld Navy quilted tweed, and the Columbia Mighty Lite III.

A few of my other cold day + latte favorites are: this knit infinity scarf, this basket weave hat or this marled popover. And these Ugg slippers in grey (on my Christmas list) for that at-home latte.

What is your favorite piece of running gear? Is there anything you can't live without in the winter time? 


Jessica Jarrell said…
I cannot live with my fleece headband to keep my ears warm, my beanie to keep the top of my head warm and to keep my headband in place, my running gloves, and leg warmers. It's been about 35ยบ with a nasty breeze for my last couple of runs and my toes kept freezing for the first couple of miles. Then, of course, my feet would get warm and feel like they were on fire. Wearing leg warmers over my running leggings has kept my legs and feet warm, without crowding my shoes. It's been a good cold weather solution. And I agree, any runner would love to get good socks :)
I don't run much in the winter here because I am just too much of a wimp to run in these kind of temps... but I have been buying cold weather gear lately as I want to try to cross country ski on a regular basis this winter (once we get enough snow). I bought some warm mittens and some smartwool socks but I need to get a gaiter!

Good luck with this final stretch of your semester!!!
Elizabeth said…
Yes---my poor fingers have been drenched while trail running/hiking so much this fall so I'd been wondering what you used to keep your fingers happy and dry :)
Runner Leana said…
I love your holiday socks!! Those are so fun.

In the winter I have an old pair of lululemon mitts that are my favourites for chilly days. I also need a really good toque to keep my head and ears warm. I have a ton...Sugoi, lululemon and Sauce headware all make some fun designs. Those are definitely my two winter running essentials!

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