Say it isn't so

I'm officially sick. The week was a busy one with less than ideal sleep (went to bed after 11:00 p.m. a few nights and woke up at 6). Yesterday was pretty busy too with yoga, a work event and bike commuting around town. I managed to rack up 20 miles by bike on Saturday!

Taken a week or so ago on a bike adventure to study

I was on track to run 20+ miles this week, until I woke up this morning with a scratchy sore throat. Womp, womp. I've learned that I never out run a sinus infection (my body's illness of choice), so I gave in and opted to walk Jonah Bell 45 minutes this morning in the sun and did a short 25 min yoga flow on Yogaglo.

Then, after showering and writing my grocery list, I left my house key at home while Pete was off mountain biking with the guys. Fail #2. So, I had to kill an extra hour or so while grocery shopping before I could get back into the house.

Now, I'm trying to do my chemistry homework and study for my anatomy test with a foggy, tired brain and body.

On a better note, tonight's dinner menu includes local Gorgonzola stuffed burgers (pre-made from Market of Choice) grilled on the Griddler with a side of baked sweet potato fries. Maybe that will cure this sickness? If nothing else, it will taste good.

Super Bowl related: Did anyone else think that was one of the better half time shows we've seen? Red Hot Chili Peppers were a little freaky, but Bruno Mars hit a home run in my books with an entertaining show, no nudity and no lip syncing.

Workout wise: As usual, I'm loving Gina's weekly workouts for her winter shape up. Last week, I did her new tabata/strength workout on Wednesday and Friday and could definitely feel the effects a day or so later (AKA sore buns). ;) Even if your current workout routine works for you, it's always fun to spice it up once in a while.

What's your favorite meal when you're sick? Sometimes I opt for extra spicy thai food in an effort to kill the infection. And almost always, I buy a kombucha. This likely has no merit, but it seems like a good idea.


Stefanie said…
Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I was wondering if you have ever tried a neti pot? I got one a few years ago to use during allergy season. It is this little teapot looking thing that you fill with lukewarm saline (mixed from sterile water and little packets you can get from the pharmacy). It's kind of weird because you pour the liquid in one nostril and let it run through your sinuses, and it comes out the other side. Jay has been using one lately when he feels a sinus infection coming on. It seems to nip the sinus infection in the bud. Let me know if you have any questions about it, I'd be happy to give you more info.
Amber said…
I hope you feel better soon! Sometimes our body wants to move and sweat when we're sick but sometimes we need to just give it rest.

Thanks for the link to Fitnessista's workout, I totally forgot about her and I'm looking for as much at-home workout inspiration as possible now that my shreds are over!
Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather. :( So tough to come down with something when you are already so busy. I hope it's short-lived and you are back to 100% soon.

When I am sick I crave things like vegetable soup. Or other comfort food like macaroni noodles with ketchup on them (weird I know, but it's something I grew up eating).
Jessica J said…
Oh, that sucks that you're sick! I was sick about a week ago, it was miserable. Definitely affected my miles for the month, boo. Eat lots of chicken noodle soup, I hope you feel better!

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