Lindsey & Sonny's Wedding

At the end of our mini moon, was Lindsey and Sonny's wedding! Lindsey and I had both got engaged around the same time and spent the past year talking wedding planning, among other things after yoga class most Saturdays. 

Because I always love reading about weddings, and theirs was beautiful, I wanted to share it with you. Lindsey recently started a new blog, btw. 

The morning of her wedding, I met Lindsey and her cousin for a 4 mile run along the river path to get the day started. That afternoon, I met the bride, her mom and a few other girls at Gervais salon as she was getting her makeup and hair done. She was gorgeous and look at those blue eyes pop!

Their wedding was held at Domaine Meriwether in Veneta, about 20 minutes from Eugene. I always love wineries as venues with the backdrop of the rows upon rows of grapes. 

A handsome husband

As we arrived, guests were invited to grab a drink before sitting down. I grabbed a sparkling wine, which was very tasty and much appreciated on a hot day!

So happy for these two! 

I love how Lindsey did the table seating sign. I wish I had made time to do something creative like this. 

After a little mingling and some photo opps for Lindsey and Sonny, we grabbed dinner and sat down. Dinner was a variety of salad, chicken, grilled tofu and quinoa salad if I remember correctly.

Pete and I enjoyed simply being guests at a wedding. 

After speeches, it was time for cake and pie from Sweet Life! I tried both, which were super yum.

I stole our table mates' recently adopted baby Maryellis for a few minutes to get my baby fix. Thank you, Matt and Emily! Isn't she just a doll? And that dress!

As it got darker and the music faster, we pulled folks on to the dance floor and got our dance on.

Lindsey's brother stealing the show

So there you have it, Lindsey and Sonny's wedding was a great success! 

On the workout front: 
I went to Barre3 yesterday after work and while it definitely had my legs shaking at times with all those pulsing lunges/squats/plies, I didn't drip a drop of sweat. While not all workouts have to be rigorous, I like when my heartbeat gets up (even just a bit) and I perspire. 

Yesterday morning made up for the evenings' lack of sweat. I started the day with an epic 6 mile run. First I found myself running toward a glowing full moon and on the way back, a fiery red sunrise. Great way to start the day, I tell ya. 

How's your week going? I am trying to soak up these last few weeks of summer. Meanwhile, everyone around here seems to be counting down the days (9) until Duck football kicks off...


Your friend has beautiful eyes! Looks like a fun wedding - and what a gorgeous venue! I have never been to a vineyard! Someday I will make it to one!

That baby is adorable, and I love her name - and her dress!
Lindsey said…
Thank you so much for this post! Loved reading.

So glad we ran together that morning. It was a great way to start the day.

I'm glad you got a photo of Pete talking to us during dinner. I think I asked him how in the world was I going to make it through the night because I was already tired!

Classic photo of my brother. Love it.

I'm going to start recapping the wedding on my blog hopefully next week!

I'll be interested to hear how you like Barre3 after a few more classes if you go back.
What a beautiful wedding. I love looking at wedding pictures- makes me want to almost have another wedding! Perhaps I can talk the husband into a vow renewal someday.

Still dying to try a barre class. We have been talking about going back to our pricey club we left a couple of years ago. They have barre classes there now.

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