Dinner Winner

Happy National Running Day! It was fun to have an entire day where people tweeted, blogged and posted on facebook about running. I am partial however. ;) My day started out with a cool five miler around the neighborhood. 

I think I was still half asleep for the first 15 minutes and my pace was a bit slower for the effort I was putting in. I think I'm in a bit of a running lull, but I suspect that will turn around soon. It better...

Anyway, it's been a while since I posted much about my eats, so I thought it would be fun to talk about a few good dinners I've made recently.

Last week I wanted something fresh and light so I whipped up a grilled chicken salad w/ green pepper, onion and cranberries on top. Balsamic and raspberry vinaigrette were added after.

This salad was great because the flavor came from the chicken that I marinated in BBQ sauce and then grilled on the George Foreman. Love how easy the GF makes things. 

Sometimes I worry that a salad won't be enough food for the manfriend, but give him some sweets or chocolate milk afterward and he's good to go!

Tonight, I made a spin on our usual pasta by baking a few pieces of chicken with herbs de Provence and a little olive oil, salt and cracked pepper on top.

While the chicken was cooling, I grilled up some red onion and zucchini with more herbs de Provence. After veggies were tender, I added half a jar of tomato basil marinara from Trader Joe's. 

Finally, I threw everything in our bowls and added some fresh grated parmesan on top! Let's just call it a pasta mess. 

And now, I'll leave you with this lovely picture I somehow left out of my last post from our pole dancing class. 

Yup, it's a winner. You could pretty much say I'm an expert. 

Have you whipped up any winning meals lately? How did you celebrate National Running Day? 


Paulette said…
Yay for National Running Day! I too enjoyed all of the social media chatter. :)
Yum! Those eats look delicious! I love herbs de provence! One of my favorite spice combinations!

I celebrated NRD by running with my running group. We did strides, which I hadn't done before. I cooled down with a coach and one other person. We shared our 'why we started running' stories, and then the run ended with a sun shower and a rainbow, which was so cool! It was really warm, so the cool rain felt SO good!
Lindsey said…
Yum, all that food looks good! I haven't made anything interesting lately. I haven't even tried a new recipe in months. I need to get on that!

Yesterday was a rest day for me, so I didn't run on National Running Day :( And last year I was injured. Sad. Maybe next year I will get some miles in on the holiday.
Ricole Runs said…
Happy national running day to YOU! I didn't run, I'm a loser! :-) Your food looks sooo good, I wish someone would cook me a dinner like that RIGHT NOW!

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