What Happens in Vegas...

knocks you out. With social media, what happens in Vegas hardly "stays in Vegas." But anyway...

It was a blast to hang out with girlfriends I hadn't seen in a while. Vegas isn't the most beautiful place or the most peaceful, but it sure can be entertaining.

Bachelorette Jackie on the right

We had so many good laughs, enjoyed the epic people watching, drank plenty and didn't sleep enough. That mixture of good and evil meant there was no exercise for three days and minimal vegetables in my diet, but I survived. Glad I took the Vibrams since they took up little space!

One of the highlights of the weekend was having a late breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi (recommended by Gina).

Located at the front of the Paris hotel & casino, it's a beautiful space inside and out. Because it was a sunny morning, we chose to eat out on the patio.

Annie opted for a bloody mary and got to head to the "Bloody Mary Bar" to put all her fixins in and make it just as spicy as she wanted. So fun!

For breakfast, I went with the market berry waffles and an egg over easy (and a LOT of coffee). 

Everyone loved their food and the whole experience. We finished our brunch around noon and contemplated sitting on the patio for a few more hours and having a late lunch, but they probably would have kicked us out before then...

It was good to see you, Paris. Until next time (hopefully for real)...

For the next few hours we walked along the strip, walked through the Bellagio, Caesar's Palace and through the fancy shops.

When we got to the humungo H&M, I forced us to take a 30 min pit stop for some new tanks. A few of the ones I bought were $4.95 - score!

Two long days in Vegas wiped me out, but I'm so glad I went and got some quality time with the girls. It was nice to see the sun and pool for a bit too.

The manfriend, Lindsey and I went cycling this morning and my legs are now trashed. 42 miles and me riding a little harder than normal (trying to keep up with the fasties, especially on the little hills) did me in. And a full night's sleep and a nap this afternoon still doesn't have me recovered energywise.

It's hard to imagine I was in Las Vegas yesterday morning. It definitely made me appreciate living in such a beautiful part of the country with so much greenery, mountains and the ocean nearby.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend (for the U.S. folks). Next weekend is another bachelorette party for my brother's fiance. Hopefully this four day week will have me recovered by then!


Sounds like a fun weekend! I think I would suck at being in Vegas because I basically get narcoleptic when I start to drink, so I'd be the lamest travel partner. ;) The girl time sounds awesome, though! And it's nice to see a faux Eiffel Tower. :)

42 miles - nice work!
I am glad that you had so much fun. Hopefully you will have some recovery time during the week. :-)
Leigh said…
Sounds like a great weekend in Vegas with your friends :)
Lindsey said…
Great photos of the weekend! Fun ride this morning. It was a great way to start the day!
Looks like fun! Sometimes little sleep and no vegetables can be just what you need! And those waffles! They look so good!
That looks really fun! I would love to do a girls weekend like that, they are so fun and reenergizing :) I definitely know what you mean about feeling knocked out after a busy weekend like that. Sometimes I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. Haha!

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