Overdo it much?

That should be the definition of every weekend for me. I don't exactly schedule in "chilling out and enjoying the weekend" bits of time. Perhaps something I need to work on...

Friday night the manfriend fiance and I sufficiently stuffed ourselves with pasta and wine to celebrate our engagement at our favorite Italian restaurant, Beppe and Gianni's.

There's only so long you can ride the engagement train so you've got to take these kind of photos. 

Saturday morning, I joined about 30 other runners for a little trail adventure because why not?! Well, that 14 mile loop was just too enticing.

The fog and sunrise were doing some cool things along the run that morning.

While I told myself going into it that I could turn around whenever and to only push my body as much as it wants to be pushed, you know I didn't do that. I should have turned around at mile 8 back to the car, which would have been about 10 mi total. But no, I kept going until I finished the whole 14.

Oh well, it was fun and beautiful. And yeah, my quads were screaming on Sunday and still hurt today. Feels like I ran a marathon or something. Whatever, I'll learn.

Luckily, I took an hour nap to try and recover while the manfriend pulled weeds. As much as I needed to be pulling weeds (we have approx. 5.2 thousand of them) to prep our yard for mulch, I NEEDED that sleep.

Sunday, I played Miss Brilliant again and rode 32 miles on my bike (a few of which were hilly) with Lindsey (she's training for Vineman half Ironman). While it was a lot of fun to be on the bike, I felt SO weak. Ugh, guess I know what I can work on this summer...

Another thing I am learning on the bike is that you should ALWAYS bring food. With running, I generally know when I'm going to need food...

5 miles - no food. 12 miles - maybe food and water. 15+ miles - definitely food and water.

But with cycling, you should always have it. After all, tanking halfway through your ride when you still have hills to climb is enough to tempt drivers to make road kill of you.  Moral of the story: I will be bringing food (gel, bar, etc) on my next ride.

Have you learned anything interesting during your training lately? 

P.S. It was 79 deg today in Eugene. I wore white pants despite the fact that labor day is still a few weeks away. We have plumbing issues. Growing up isn't always as desirable as it once seemed.


Love that photo of you when you were celebrating the engagement. yes - ride this engagement high as long as you can! :)

Way to go on 14 miles! You are so tough!

I have learned so much during my training - like I need gatorade or some other sports drink if I run more than 90 minutes. Otherwise I feel pretty craptastic afterwards.
missris said…
I have learned that if I run for more than an hour or so, I need to bring water with me. I just can't re-hydrate enough afterward to fend off the dehydration migraine that I know is going to come a few hours after working out.

I agree with Lisa--that pic is super cute!!
You are impressive! I have run a crazy 8.45 miles since Eugene. However, I have been cross training (spinning, lifting etc.) like a mad person. I miss running....next week we shall reunite! :-)
Oh, rock the white pants chica! The Memorial Day to Labor Day thing is so old school. At least that is what Stacy and Clinton said a while ago.
Just reading about your weekends is typically exhausting for me! ;-) You're always inspiring though. I love that 14-mile picture... the epitome of ENERGY!
Whoa! That is a big weekend right after your marathon! I definitely learned on Sunday - the hard way - that it is so so so mental when you're racing.

I'm glad you guys got out to celebrate the engagement! As you should!
The white pants/shoes thing only pertains to the East Coast. :)
Lindsey said…
Next time you should steal some of my food!

You did great on Sunday! But I totally know the weak feeling you are talking about. That's how I felt for about the first 3 weeks when I started riding outside this spring.

Cute photos of you and Pete at dinner!
Jen (emsun.org) said…
The farthest I've run is a half-marathon. I did Nike Women's Half in San Fran last October. Now I'm pregnant and taking a break from training, but I was on course to do a half-Ironman soon. I finished my Olympic in September 2010.

I hear you on the remembering to take some time of peace for yourself!

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