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I'm excited to see that Friday has finally arrived, but at the same time it's been such a hectic week that I haven't accomplished nearly anything I wanted to. We had some plumbing issues, which caused me to have to shower at the gym this week, throwing my usual schedule a bit off and making washing dishes impossible.

We're having some people over tomorrow for a little engagement celebration, so I was hoping to have the house spic 'n span by now, but no dice. But thankfully (to the manfriend and plumber's help), we have functioning pipes so that is enough for now.

Now on to the topic of the day...

Last week post marathon and engagement, I received a few emails and comments about how I had inspired others to workout or train for a race.

Hey Lauren, I've been reading your blog for awhile - I actually found it while googleing lunchtime workouts! Just wanted to say congrats on your awesome marathon! Your blog helped inspire me to do my first half last year...and I just signed up for a full yesterday. Thanks for the motivation :)

Jenn from Travelstar

As a blogger with a small(ish) readership, I was shocked and flattered. Not to mention, after you've done something for so long you sort of think of it as "no big deal" and forget that others don't see it that way. 

For example, I hadn't even told my office I was training for the Eugene Marathon because it just didn't occur to me. I'm always running 25-30 miles a week so another 10-20 per week doesn't seem like THAT much more.

When someone asked marathon week if I was training for something and I mentioned Eugene, I think they were all a little blown away.

The point is, no matter who you are or what small thing you're doing good for yourself or others, you never know the difference it can make.

I'm constantly inspired and pushed by others' actions and beliefs and don't always share it with them. If you have a chance to tell someone how much they've inspired you to make a change, do it.  You'll both be better for it.

Sitting outside at 6am Thurs morning reading a new library book. 
Great way to start the day!

On the running front: I was surprised that my knees have still been a bit achey this week and my calves are tight. Runs have been great mentally, but not superb physically. It was great however to get back to Lifeforce and get my butt kicked doing burpees, sprinting and the like.

Wedding Stuff
We still haven't thought too much about location or date. What I do know is that wherever it is, I want it to feel like us. I'd love to choose a location that incorporated nature - rustic lodge, outdoor venue with beautiful backdrops, mountain/water views or an updated barn.

I did find some cool inspiration for engagement parties, but I'm not quite a crafty party planner like that. Hopefully, someday.

I found this to be a pretty hilarious article on the hassle of weddings and being a bridesmaid.

How has your week been? Any advice on wedding planning? Has someone told you they were inspired by your actions - and how did you react?


That's awesome that not only was Jenn inspired but she told you so! I think that so many people inspire me, but telling them that is a different matter all together.

When I ran my marathon, I put together a list of those I was inspired by and those I was running for. I didn't realize how moved some of the people would be! I am glad that I did it, that I recognized them for who/what they are to me!
It IS pretty crazy to think how we define "normal" levels of fitness within this community - it's very easy to flat-out forget that training, and running, any level race is a lifestyle choice and not one that everyone feels ready to take on. Luckily that's picking up, and huge kudos to you for spreading the love ;) I couldn't agree more with the importance of actually telling someone that they influenced you - it's almost as big a step to simply acknowledge it. I can list a few bloggers - you, included - that have had a hand in some speed workouts, training goals, etc!

Enjoy the engagement celebrations!
I can't wait to see the kind of wedding you guys plan, I just know it'll be beautiful!

I don't really have any regrets per say about wedding planning so far. I've joked about eloping A LOT but even with all the stress that comes with planning I'm not sure I would want to give up my day. My only real, kind of regret is having such a long engagement. 16 months is a lot and I am just SO READY to be married all ready!

Your blog was one of the first running blogs I ever started reading and you HUGELY inspired me Lauren. I remember reading about you running 10, 13, 15 miles and I wanted to do that!

Have a good weekend! I have to work all day tomorrow in a strategic planning session and also have a friend from high school visiting so it'll be a fun but busy weekend!
J said…
I usually don't talk about my running at work and one day I just happen to mention I was going to run a marathon and everyone was like wow really? It just didn't occur to me that my coworkers would really care or even know what a marathon was.

I had four bridesmaids in my wedding and two were really crazy and picky and two were just great. I am in two weddings coming up and I have tried to be nice and communicate with them, but I know it is really their day. My one friend has been great - we got to pick our dresses and she has been so accommodating. My other friend seems like she is on the track to bridezilla. So we will see how that goes.
That is an awesome email to receive! It's one of the best compliments you could receive. I recently received an email from someone who stumbled upon my Paris blog. She said reading through the entries inspired her to plan a trip there on her own. I thought that was pretty cool!

I can't wait to hear more wedding details as they develop! What you described so far is really what I'd envision for you two!
I had a great week, it flew by! I am so glad that I didn't have to run because I don't know how I would have fit in any miles. I think that my life/house had been neglected for 12 weeks so I have been playing catch up. Yuck.

I hope that you have a fun engagement celebration this weekend. Enjoy the moment, trust me. Wedding planning is a headache! My best advice is to not put anything off, just get it done. My wedding was in August and I had everything booked by October the fall before. Everything that had to be ordered (bridesmaid dresses, wedding invites, save the dates) were all done by the end of January. When May/June rolled around I had nothing left to do. Such a great feeling to have and it allowed me to enjoy my summer. Good luck!!!!
That was so nice of her to write in!

I get the "overacheiver" comment more than the "inspiring" comment (well, I don't think anyone has told me I'm inspiring, actually - oh well!), but maybe I inspire someone..

Haven't planned a wedding, but have been a bridesmaid - it's nice when the bride is flexible, which it seems like you would be!
Meggie said…
I've gotten the "overachiever" comment a lot, but never "inspiring" -- that was so nice of her to write in and such! You inspire me to cook rather than order, which I always do.

Never planned a wedding, but was a bridesmaid -- it was nice as the bride was flexible!
Ricole Runs said…
You really ARE an inspiration, to me and others! I REALLY wanted to get married in the meadow and reception in the barn at Cornelius pass roadhouse mcmenanins. But it was booked for like a year. I love that place!

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