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Happy Friday! I just want to thank you for all of your sweet comments on my last few posts. It's fun to read every single one of them, not to mention hear from some lurkers who hadn't commented before. ;) 

This week I focused on healthy, quick meals to limit my time spent in the kitchen. I've been craving fish for a while so Tuesday after a short trip to the gym, I picked up wild salmon at the grocery store. We don't have it often since it's spendy and not always easy to find good wild salmon. 

In the mix: brown rice/quinoa, asparagus and broccoli, wild sockeye salmon cooked with Trader Joe's soyaki sauce.

As for fashion, last week I put together this outfit randomly and I think it worked. The dress is super comfy so it's just a matter of finding a good jacket or sweater to wear with it for work.

Dress: Ann Taylor, Jacket: LOFT,  Belt: JCrew, Shoes: Old Navy (recent purchase)

I'm not usually good with heels, but I've been needing more shoes to go with summer dresses (hello, wedding season) so I thought these would work well and they're fairly comfy.

Recovery week workouts: 
I thought I'd talk about how I've been recovering since the marathon. My goal was not to run for a week. So far, so good, although I am planning to do a group trail run tomorrow morning. 

Sunday - The manfriend and I walked around a lot after the marathon telling people the news, going to a post marathon BBQ and walking the dog. This definitely helped ease leg soreness the next day.  

Monday - My quads were pretty trashed Monday morning and my hips and knees were a little sore. I hopped on the bike trainer for 40 min for an easy spin before getting an hour massage. 

Post massage, I hung out in Pearl Day Spa's "relaxation room" for a bit. 

Tuesday - Post work gym session - 25 min elliptical, 15 min abs/push ups/stretch. Legs were still feeling sore and I was feeling completely exhausted at work. 

Wednesday - 25 min morning weight session and Mt. Pisgah hike with Lindsey post work. The hike reminded me how peaceful hiking can be even if you are marching up a steep hill in the misty rain. Still feeling exhausted and surprised at how long it takes the body to bounce back. 

Thursday - A fairly sweaty 40 minutes on the trainer before work and 30 minutes of aqua jogging and lap swimming after. 

Overall, I've been surprised at how tired my body has felt both physically and mentally. I think I'm noticing it more because I'm actually listening to my body this time around. 

The entire week, I've felt like my body has been on the verge of a cold so I've been chugging kombucha, downing Vitamin C & Echinacea Halls and taking Emergen-C. 

While I'm mentally ready to run, I'm going to let my body tell me how far to go on Saturday. Although it's taken a long time to get to this place, I feel like I'm finally understanding what my body wants and needs as far as pushing my limits, achieving and then recovering well. 

Any fun plans for your weekend ahead? Good luck to everyone running a marathon this weekend (Vancouver Marathon and Cincinnati Flying Pigs that I know of)!


Your outfit is so cute!
I am glad that you took the week off from running. Isn't it hard to not run? I am going crazy, but I do get to run on Sunday and then no running for another week and then I should be back on track. I have been spinning like a crazy person. Did 90 minutes last night and now I am sore today. Glad that it is Friday! :-)
It's good you are taking it easy this time, fitness wise. It's hard! I was so antsy to get back out there, even though I knew I should rest. I'm actually resting today, due to a Relay race this weekend, and it's driving me crazy, just for the one day! But I know it's the smart thing to do!
You put in a lot of workouts this week despite your big day Sunday! GOod for you! I am just going to walk Chloe and go to yoga next week. Then the week after that I'm trying CROSSFIT for the first time! EEP! Excited to get in some serious weight training to tone up before the wedding though.

Have a great weekend with your FIANCE!!! :) XO
Haha, thanks, Amber. We've enjoyed saying fiance to each other as much as possible. The fun part of being engaged before things get too real (aka wedding planning - eeks).
Meggie said…
When I was in Eugene, Jenn (of Picky Bars) took me to this cool gas station - sustainable biofuels? Anyways, they had kombucha on tap. Kind of cool. Lauren took me to this great bakery, too -- Hideaway? Fig-Anise roll with cream cheese rocked. I liked Eugene but I also lucked out with weather, I guess!
That outfit's great! I love navy and khaki together.
That outfit is so cute - you are so good at pulling things together. I can get the basics of an outfit down, but am not good to at adding belts, etc, to really pull the look together. You seem to have a knack for that though! :)

I am glad the recovery week has gone well for you and that you are listening to your body!

I took yesterday off to study, and it honestly did not go very well. I have hit a rough patch, so now I am trying to cheer myself back up. I have this feeling of dread that I am not going to pass (this section I'm on is worth 20-30%, so it's a big section). BUT - I am going to my parents lake cabin tonight after I finish studying as I have my nephew's first communion tomorrow. Being by the water + seeing my family will really help lift my spirits, I think.
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