16 Run and Done

You guessed it, today I had a 16 miler on deck. Lately, I've been trying to do my long runs on Saturday because it's nice to have them out of the way for Sunday's group run and coffee.

But I really wanted to make it to yoga yesterday so I switched my long run to Sunday.

It's funny how things work, I went to class expecting the usual awesome teacher and found a sub in her place. I know it shouldn't be a big deal (and I'm still happy I went to get some stretch and strength on), but the yoga teacher's voice and demeanor can really make or break the class for me.

Anyhoo, last night the manfriend and I met up with an old high school friend of his for some beer and chatting, which meant my eyes didn't shut until past midnight. So. exhausted.

Sunday morning at 9 am came quickly, but I put on the spandex and a little purple (for National Eating Disorders Awareness week) and headed out from the running store.

From the very start, I knew this run wouldn't be so hot. My hammy's and butt were sore from Friday's Lifeforce Fitness class and Saturday's cycling + yoga. My body was tired. But luckily, my mind was in it for the long haul.

I opted one of my favorite out and back routes that takes you along the flat Pre's Trail and then into Springfield and over a big hill to Dorris Ranch where I can run laps in the woods and orchards. Dorris Ranch is one of those places I always wish I would get to more often.

By mile 8, my butt was still sore with every step and my calves were getting really tight. But quitting or walking isn't really a great option when you're still 6 miles from your car and 8 miles from the end of your run.

On my way back to Pre's Trail, a camera crew was shooting Lauren Fleshman riding on her ElliptiGO along the bike path. Gotta love Tracktown and runner sightings at every turn!

The last two miles of my run draaaagged on. I was so happy to see 16 miles and my car again.

Luckily, the sun was out and chocolate milk was in my future (Starbucks ran out of Chonga bagels - the horror!).  After a little Trader Joe's visit, I headed home for foam rolling, an epsom salt bath and LOTS of food.

And then, the fun stuff. I started trying on some of my summer clothes for Mexico because I'm such a horrendous packer (aka I want to bring my entire closet with me). Gotta start days in advance.

After the manfriend got home from his bike ride, showered and refueled, we did our part to keep the economy going. Vacation = a good excuse to pick up a few new things.

Him: Vans slip ons, Simple flip flops and shirts and swim trunks from Old Navy.

Her: my first pair of TOMS, new bathing suit and bra from Victoria Secret + new undies from American Eagle (Finally broke the $100 bill my grandparents gave me for Christmas to buy a few of these goodies!)

Carpe Diem! I'm definitely in streeetch mode over here. TOMS stretch a ton so apparently you have to buy them much smaller than normal (I bought 7s and usually wear 7.5-8). Hopefully, these will stretch out just perfectly.

Interesting fact: did you know that if you buy a pair of TOMS sunglasses, you also buy sight for someone else? How cool is that?! Someone else will receive medical treatment, prescription glasses or sight-saving surgery!

While today's long run was less than stellar, I'm hoping that the next time I tackle a distance run, my legs will be fresh and I'll have a more specific plan of pacing for different parts of the long run.

How was your weekend?


So I bought TOMS this weekend too, except the sales girl did NOT tell me how much they stretch. I usually wear size 7.5-8 and bought 8.5!!! Well I wore them all the way to Ottawa yesterday and they are now super stretched out. I'm pissed! They still fit OK and feel comfortable, and I doubt I could return them after they've stretched so much, but I will not be buying from that store again. I just wish the sales girl would have said something as I was complaining about the 7.5 being tight and she brought me 8.5...

Anyways, enough ranting in your comment box. Way to go on all the activity this weekend! I love that you and manfriend bike so many places!! And way to push through the 16-miler!
Love your toms - that is good to know that they stretch out! I would not have known that!

Way to go on the 16 miler! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Hooray for vacation packing! I am so excited for you guys!! Can't wait to hear all about your vacation!

And you look adorable in that vacation outfit. :)
J said…
Nice job on the 16 miler! Some days I am so into yoga and some days I am not. Just depends on my mood I think.
Redhead Running said…
Thanks for the tip on the TOMS, I have been debating picking up a pair.

Good job on the 16 miler, you'll have to take some pics the next time you head out that way as the orchard sounds like a lovely place to run. Sigh...
Ricole said…
Those Toms are adorable! I recently got my very first pair as well: the black glitter ones. :-) way to tough out that long run!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
pretty stellar! 4.5 miles - my longest run since the nyc marathon.

haven't seen the carpe diem toms! I have pink sparkle ones and a print pair (lists statsitics and stuff).

I want an elliptigo. Cross training outside would make any injury better.
Good job on the long run. You are quite a trooper. I usually try to take the day before and after a long run pretty easy.

I have never tried Toms but I like the idea that they give back!
Ugh, that run sounds pretty tough - hah, but all the miles are logged! Always the best feeling.

Those Toms are so cute!

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