Packing and Heading to Sunshine

I'm bound for sunny Los Angeles today for the Rose Bowl! My grandma requested photos of my packing so I decided it might be fun to do. I'm not the best packer as I like to be prepared for anything AKA I am NOT a light packer. 

Yesterday, I worked a half day and then came home to pack, get in one last recovery run in Oregon before 2012 and headed to Portland for my flight. Luckily, the packing is pretty predictable because most  of it will be work related - khakis and Oregon shirts are my woredrobe staples this weekend. Even so, I always write out a packing list for my trips so I don't forget any necessary items. 

My carry on usually includes my computer, camera, magazines, water bottle and some snacks (larabars, apple and banana today). 

All together now and ready to go!

I stayed at an airport hotel last night. Apparently, the hotel has sleep number beds, but I think mine was one of few that wasn't a sleep number - hard as a rock I tell ya!

I usually have no problem sleeping in hotels, but last night wasn't great. I woke up in the middle of the night to neighbors being loud. Then I woke up early to get in a short 20 min sweat session at the hotel gym. It makes my flights so much more pleasant.

This morning's airport breakfast: Starbucks perfect oatmeal w/ banana, nuts and dried berries and a cinnamon dolce misto

Okay, off to fly the friendly skies! See ya from LA!


Lindsey said…
Have a blast! Do you get to watch the game even though you have to work? Hopefully!
I hope your work trip goes well! I am sure it will be a busy series of days for you!

I am an anal packer and make a list, too. I also think about my packing days in advance. Like this week I am going to Charlotte for work and I have been thinking about my outfits for over a week already...
I tell ya, starbucks oatmeal is the best thing that ever happened to airports. Happy new year!!

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