No Rest for the Busy

Creative posts are lacking right now so why don't I catch you up on the happenings as of late?!

Friday night was cookie, beverage drinking and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation fun at my friend Jenn's. After Friday, I realized why we usually just lay low at the end of the week. I was exhausted and barely able to think straight during our baking madness.

We ended up making sugar cookies, gingerbread and chocolate crinkles. Unfortunately, none of them turned out great. Perhaps if it had not been Friday or if we had focused more on the baking and less on the sipping... ;) 

Saturday was trail running fun...

I headed out Mt. Pisgah, the location of a trail race that several friends were running. I needed an excuse to get my shoes a little muddy (ahem, Hagg Lake 25K in Feb) so I opted to run one of the loops the 50Kers were running. 9.3 miles later, my trail needs were met. 

There is something about trail running that makes me feel so at peace with my pace, my surroundings and the moment. Must. run. more. trails.

Saturday night, I got my Christmas present from the manfriend in the form of a nice dinner out. I much prefer a fun experience than something I don't necessarily NEED, unless of course it sparkles and shines. ;)

Sunday's workout - A Mini Triathlon! 

The plan: 30 min running, 30 min cycling (trainer), 30 min yoga

Actual: 34 min (4.25 miles) running, 30 min spinning, 25 min yoga for cyclists ( freebie) After spending some time cleaning the house (thank you, manfriend), I coaxed the man out for a run in the rain. It's funny, once you're wet you don't mind getting more wet.

Then we were off to Portland to send the manfriend to the midwest and hang out with my brother and his fiance. And take a walk through Peacock Lane for some Christmas light festivus.

And Monday, it was back to the cookie making grind. I kid, it's not that tough. Michelle and I made gingerbread cookies (w/ lemon icing), sugared pecan balls (A-mazing) and peppermint bark. So fun to break out of the usual cookie rut and try some new recipes.

And all this fun stuff left me exhausted by Monday night!

It's been a while since I took a total rest day. Because we were traveling and I took the day off work, it just made sense to take Monday as a total rest.

So often, I talk myself into even just a short workout, but sometimes it's better to JUST SAY NO. When life gets busy, it's okay to cut yourself some slack. One missed workout won't squash all the hard work you've put in this entire year.

What's on the tip top of your Christmas/wish list this year? Is anyone thinking of New Year's resolutions for 2012? 


You made a lot of goodies this weekend! Wowie!!!!

I got my e-reader which was on top of my wish list. Now if I just get some running stuff I'll be set :)
J said…
You have been busy!! I always like to schedule stuff on Saturday nights because then I can go to bed early Friday! Sometimes tho when I run long on Saturday I need a long nap in order to not be grumpy for saturday night!
Run Jess Run said…
You guys have matching glasses! How cute:)
I know how ya feel...I'm feeling so tired today! I already worked out this morning, but if I hadn't I definitely would have skipped it tonight, lol!
Wow, lots of baking happening in your world. Yum!

And yea for a nice date night out together. You guys make such an attractive couple. i prefer an experience more than a gift, too, I think!

At the top of my list is a new point & shoot camera. If I don't get one, I will buy one for myself in january I think!
Wow, that's a lot of cookie making! They all look good though. I love the trail you ran on; it looks like a great one. I really like trail running, although I sometimes find it hard to remember that I can't quite go as far (or as fast) as I can on a straight road! I use trails for my hill training!
siri said…
Look how cute you two are in your matchy-matchy glasses. Merry Christmas, Darling!
Raina said…
Hi there! I followed a comment over from Gracie's blog and just figured out that you are in my neck of the woods! Pisgah- I have only ran there in summer. Great place to go though :)
SO MANY COOKIES! I'm about to start making my first batch of the holiday - 7 a.m. on Saturday, normal, yes? ;)

On the wishlist- Nike Frees (just for walking / gallivanting around) & the iPhone!

Glad to see you're definitely enjoying the holidays and having fun! Merry Christmas!

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