Wednesday Confessions

Thanks to Heather at Dietician on the Run who has posted a few of these confession type posts. I decided to borrow the idea and input my own confessions. My mind is sort of all over the place so it makes it difficult to pull together a clear post. Know what I mean?

Thanks for the photo, Amber!

Confession: I feel overwhelmed that I simply can't keep up with life, my google reader, start a book, follow my heart, you name it.

Realization: I can't do it all. I should cut myself some slack, but it's easier said than done. And, in the midst of it all, I'm still managing to prioritize healthy eating and exercise.

Obsession: Fall and everything that goes with it - pumpkins, plaid shirts, boots I've wanted for so long but will probably never buy, beer, baked goods, college football, crunchy colored leaves...

Want: The What Not to Wear folks to show up on my doorstep and offer me a $10K credit card to spend to update my woredrobe. Hey, a girl can dream. Oh and a tropical vacation would be nice too! ;)

Need: Deep breaths, a good book and a latte.

Up: Getting out of town. I'm an adventurous spirit and can't wait for the next event, party, vacation, etc. I have two upcoming weekend trips to Portland and Bend (Central Oregon). There's something nice about getting out of your comfort zone, but not too much.

Down: Confidence. Totally down and out and well, yeah.

In: Taking it easy on the body. While I've been running post marathon, I'm trying to take it easy and not hammer away at anything. My body is pleasantly surprised.

I've got to remember that to get faster and stronger, sometimes you have to go slower (or even stop all together) for a bit of time.

+Riding my bike to work! The weather has been perfect for it and it helps relieve my funky mood.

Out: Rain. This week's forecast shows all sun (albeit cool mornings) and I'm just fine with that. After all, this is Oregon and we'll get our share of rain for the next six months (give or take).

So tell me, what do you do when your confidence or mental attitude needs a little overhaul? What is one of your confessions?

-->> Send your healing thoughts to Emily and her broken foot. No bueno! I can't even imagine having a broken foot. Pure torture.


I feel overwhelmed lately too. Especially this week because work is insanely busy and I've overscheduled myself.. I need to remind myself that I don't HAVE to fit it all in!!
siri said…
1) Buy your boots already.
2) Having The What Not To Wear people show up (love the guy, hate the chick) means that you have to give up your current wardrobe. Scary thought!
3) Sun for the next week? If I could be so lucky.
4) You're amazing.
Raquelita said…
I love fall. I'm just wishing I had more time to enjoy it right now.

My confession: I hate putting things off to the last minute, but I've put something off to the last minute. Of course, now it's causing me way more stress than it should.

I hope your confidence gets a boost soon!
Confession: I don't like leggings. At all. I am ok if they are worn under a dress, but that's about it...

When I feel overwhelmed, I try to make time to read and knit. And run. Those activities usually make me feel good about myself!
"Life's too short, buy the shoes!" <- on the mug I drank coffee from at the office this morning, no joke. :)

Buy the boots, you'll Love them through and through.

I hear on the "keeping up" - it seems almost impossible right now, and my book on the nightstand has officially taken the back seat. It belongs to the library, and I've renewed twice already, ha. Dang.
I think everybody tends to take on a bit more than they can handle, so don't feel guilty, just take a deep breath and a step back!
Emily said…
Thanks for the healing wishes! I can feel the love all the way on the east coast!

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