A Taste of Thai to the Rescue

This week when we headed to the grocery store, I thought I'd bring back one of my favorite college meals - pad thai made easy!

I like it because it's relatively healthy, affordable ($4.99 + $2.69 for the ingredients above) quick to make and you can get creative with the addition of your own veggies, tofu or chicken, an egg stirred in, etc.

After an awesome Lifeforce Fitness class (hello squats, burpees, sprinting in place), I arrived home around 7:15 pm ready to get dinner going. 

In the matter of 20 min or so, I simmered the coconut milk, added fresh veggies and organic chicken breast tenders (which cook fast because of their size) and the pad thai peanut sauce mixture. In another pot, I boiled water and added a mixture of whole wheat pasta noodles and buckwheat soba noodles to cook.

When everything was cooked, I served our chicken pad thai our buddha bowls because they're my favorite.
This dinner was definitely a success because the manfriend said "I think this may be my new favorite meal you make." Done and done.

Do you have a favorite 'meal assist' to share that allows you to get a healthy, tasty meal on the table shortly after you get home?

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I made the homemade pad thai out of mama pea's cookbook last week ago and it was AMAZING. I can't wait to make it again!

It did not, however, top our pad thai from Victoria. That was SO good!
Yum, that looks delicious. I have never made pad thai before.

I usually can't use the 'meal assist' type things because they tend to have gluten in them. :( But my favorite fast meal is the rainbow bean & rice salad from Oh She Glows!
Lisa Fine said…
I love using sauces like that!

There are a lot of nights that I'll take a can of Thai curry paste, mix it with a can or two of coconut milk, and then cook in a bunch of vegetables. So easy and delicious.
Love some thai food but usually just use the curry paste as a sauce base.
I bought my first can of Lite Coconut milk just "to have", because I seem to see a lot of different recipes that use it now! I have yet to actually crack it open though... ;)

Sweet deal on the Yoga Download!

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